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How to reduce client complaints & negative feedback

How to reduce client complaints & negative feedback

Negative reviews and client complaints can really damage a business – whether they’re distributed online or through word of mouth, your reputation, your team and your existing clients will all be affected.

There is only so much you can do once they’re out there, so instead, perhaps take at look at the systems you have in place for preventing them from happening in the first place. Of course, you can’t prevent them all, but here are some steps to take towards few complaints – and happier clients!

Communicate clearly
It all comes down to the consult. Use patient-friendly language that they can understand, and look carefully at their body language to note whether it has been properly received. Better yet, flat out ask them if they have understood, or if they have any questions. Ask them if they’re happy with their recommendations, and be sure that they truly are before proceeding.

Set realistic expectations
Be honest and tell clients ‘you will never look like this’ if you need to! Their results will never look the same as that Instagram before-and-after they’ve brought in for you. Do your best to be modest and don’t oversell the results they should expect to see.

Also remember to ask clients exactly what they want and why, as opposed to just reinforcing your own recommendations from the get-go. You of course should know what the client needs better than they do themselves, but just ensure to let them know exactly why their requests might not be the best option for them, before explaining what you believe they should proceed with instead. Use language like ‘I believe this would be more suitable for you instead because…’

Be choosy
Don’t just take the client’s money. Remember, your reputation is at stake here! Select your clients very carefully and never scrimp on proper screening processes for the sake of your targets.

Improve your follow up
If a client goes home unhappy, the best thing that you can do to try and prevent them hitting the send button on that negative email, review or comment is to give them an opportunity to vent, and to give yourself the chance to rectify the situation. This can only be done through follow up. Be sure to provide first-time clients with extensive aftercare and ‘what to expect’ advice post-treatment, and follow them up via email and/or phone call within 1-3 days after their appointment. Let them know you genuinely care that each and every one of your clients is satisfied with their service and their results.

Be kind
For medi-aesthetic treatments in particular, this can be a nerve-wracking time for clients. Remember to be kind throughout the process, and be patient through the silly questions, unrealistic expectations and changes of mind. Unfortunately we have illegal, poorly trained and inexperienced practitioners to thank for the lack of consumer knowledge, the countless social media images and filters (both good and bad), not to mention restrictions around advertising and consumer education. Remember why it is that you do what you do – to bring joy and confidence into your clients’ lives!