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The ultimate silly season skin-survival tips

The ultimate silly season skin-survival tips

Ultraceuticals education coach Sarah Shephard tackles some top skin concerns from the festive period.

Dark circles and puffiness – late nights, end of year fatigue, alcohol etc
As the end of another year approaches, we are all hanging for that big break. It’s during the build-up to the party season that we start to burn the candle at both ends and say yes to every social invite. Late nights, snacky food and too much alcohol can contribute to looking tired and a ‘little dark around the eyes’ the next day.

In the lead up to any festivities, Shephard suggests; drinking plenty of water throughout the day so that you are hydrated for the evening. Eat healthily and try to have a good meal before your night out to avoid snacking on junk food. Schedule a few nights where you aren’t consuming celebratory bubbles and can get to bed early. Alcohol deprives us of a good night’s sleep so also drink plenty of water before bed.

To avoid those puffy eyes the next day, apply Ultraceuticals Energising Mask after cleansing onto the face and eye area just before you hop in the sheets. In the morning ensure you drink lots of water, avoid submerging your delicate eye area under a hot shower and apply Ultra C Firming Eye Serum to reinvigorate and firm the eye tissue.

Break outs – greasy finger foods, alcohol, stress, going to bed with makeup on
The saying is you are what you eat! So be careful with what you consume over the silly season. The festive period tends to be full of snack finger foods and excess alcohol and sadly all these things build up and manifest on the skin. There is much research now on the gut and skin connection, so try and be as kind to your body as you can to avoid those breakouts.

Drinking plenty of water – sparkling if necessary – alongside your wine and choosing fresh salad and crudités instead of hot chips and party pies will help you to swerve the dreaded pimple on Christmas day. Try as best you can to have one glass of water to every glass of champagne or beer; this will enable you to stay hydrated and help to detoxify your system.

The festive season can often be a stressful time with work deadlines and family. Take the time out to have a massage or a good quality skin treatment to ease any tension. And no matter how much alcohol you have consumed or how late at night, make sure you remove your makeup before bed! If rushing to a party from work or having a late night the Ultra B2 Micellar solution is a great product to remove makeup gently and quickly, including eye makeup – it’s even perfect for those festive lash extensions.

If you know your skin is prone to breakouts, try adding in the Ultra Smoothing Pore Refiner to your morning routine to remove any dead skin build up, tighten up those pores and ease congestion while providing the skin with a fabulous party glow. And should you develop a seasonal pimple the Ultra Clearing Spot Treatment is a great blend of mandelic and salicylic acids to get rid of that little pest in time for your next party (PS it’s also perfectly sized for even the tiniest of handbags).

Ultraceuticals’ Hydrating Trio Christmas gift set.


Dehydration – lack of sleep, alcohol and not enough water, etc
The temperatures are rising and with the increased heat so too does the air conditioning cold air increase. Although it feels great on the face, air conditioners can literally suck the moisture out of your skin. It’s a good idea to add an extra hydrating serum into your routine over the summer season. The Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum is an amazing blend of B vitamins and Hydrating ingredients to ensure your skin’s thirst stays quenched. Your skin dehydrates more overnight than during the day as your body temperature increases while you sleep.

If you are also not getting enough sleep or drinking more alcohol than normal this dehydration is going to be worse. Increasing your night time moisturiser can be a good option or you can sleep in the Ultra Replenishing Mask 2-3 times a week to make sure your skin is well nourished.

It’s also a good idea to ensure the skin’s health is optimum and shedding some dry dead skin cells is a great way to do this. Try using the Ultra Gentle Exfoliating Gel or for added brightness and radiance you could use the Ultra Dual Microfoliant 2-3 times a week to perk up your skin for the party season.

Sensitive skin and/or blotchiness – fatigue, stress, alcohol and makeup habits
The skin is a mirror image of internal health. When we get tired, run down or simply partied out, our skin is often the first thing to show signs of fatigue. The skin tries daily to maintain a healthy barrier to protect it from the environment that we live in. It needs lots of water, good nutrition and plenty of sleep while it repairs any damage – all the things we lack over the festive period. The end result? An impaired barrier function that can make your face sting like crazy or look red and blotchy. Try to ensure you get a few good night’s sleep over the party season, eat a well-balanced diet with lots of seasonal fruit and salad, and make sure you remain hydrated.

The sun is at its strongest in the summer which can also contribute to a more irritated skin. Make sure you have your complete protection on and regularly apply the Ultra-Protective Antioxidant Complex alongside your Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 to combat free radicals that will trigger early ageing. Give your skin a helping hand and support that barrier function with a good exfoliating serum such as the Ultra-Even Skintone Smoothing serum, to gently remove dulling skin cells and a hydrating mask such as the Ultra Replenishing Mask.

Keep your cleansing routine simple if your skin is feeling delicate and gently remove dirt and debris with the Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser or simple with the Ultra B2 Micellar solution. Adding the B2 Hydrating Serum into your night routine may also help with irritated exhausted skin.

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