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In conversation with award-winning aesthetic nurse Anna Baker

In conversation with award-winning aesthetic nurse Anna Baker

In New Zealand, getting regular appearance-enhancing cosmetic treatments—like lip filler or Botox—is becoming increasingly more commonplace. However, while more normalised than ever, our uptake and acceptance of appearance medicine is still slower than other regions. For instance, despite our proximity, Australia’s spend on cosmetic treatments is amongst the highest, if not the highest, globally.

The United Kingdom is another market that’s more progressive in the cosmetic medicine space, particularly when it comes to skin rejuvenating and remodelling treatments, like Profhilo. New Zealand is still very much in the introductory phase, which gives us the benefit of learning from overseas markets.

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Ahead, ProCollective chats with Anna Baker, an award-winning aesthetic nurse, trainer and qualified educator in the UK, with over 17 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine. We discuss her journey in the industry, common misconceptions she hears, and how best to introduce clients to Profhilo.

ProCollective (PC): Firstly, what inspired your career in appearance medicine? Talk us through your journey…

Anna: My background is dermatology, and I felt inspired by the close crossover in terms of how dermatology and aesthetic medicine can complement and synergise each other.  For example, in terms of managing and treating skin conditions such as acne, and rosacea, even vigilance and awareness with skin lesions. 

ProCollective (PC): What is your unique approach and ethos when it comes to aesthetic treatments?

Anna: Bespoke all the way! I don’t believe in generic treatment packages, a one size fits all approach, as everyone is so different in terms of what can be achieved. I believe that his is important for patients to feel as though they receive a highly unique experience at all stages of their journey.

ProCollective (PC): You’re a very accomplished (and busy!) business owner, aesthetic nurse, and educator – What aspect of your job are you most passionate about? 

Anna: I have, and continue to invest a huge amount in my personal development, which I feel is important for all practitioners working in a speciality which does not stand still, and is rapidly evolving. As medical practitioners, we have to strive to remain at the top of our field, which is a positive driving influence in all aspects of our work. I am passionate about the long-term patient journeys that we develop in clinic, sharing our experiences and learning from peers at meetings, and collaborating with nurses as an allied voice, striving to influence change in challenging times.

ProCollective (PC): What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?

Anna: What a question! Especially as the quality and innovation of treatments is the best it has been to date, particularly in terms of treating skin quality. I love offering Profhilo, Morpheus8, chemical peels, and laser skin rejuvenation. Combining these treatments delivers natural, lasting, and outstanding results.

ProCollective (PC): What are some of the biggest misconceptions you hear from clients when it comes to cosmetic medicine? 

Anna: I’ve observed in new consultations that patients are fearful of looking unnatural, or as though it is obvious that they have had a treatment. The challenges that we face in England surrounding a lack of regulation/standards of practice also fuel these fears, so time is taken at the initial meeting to reassure and explain our bespoke ethos and combined expertise as part of our professional team approach.

ProCollective (PC): For those new to injectables, what treatment do you recommend is a good place to start?

Anna: Profhilo is an excellent starting point, either as a preventative, or corrective course of treatment, combined with a course of LED phototherapy for an instant regenerative glow.

ProCollective (PC): Compared to international markets, New Zealand is relatively less abreast with cosmetic medicine treatments—particularly outside Botox and standard dermal filler—how would you best summarise Profhilo in simple terms to new clients?

Anna: Profhilo is a unique and hybrid patented molecule that delivers lasting benefits in the three main layers of the skin. A gradual release of ultrapure and high concentration hyaluronic acid regenerates four different types of collagen, strengthens elastin, and targets stem cell remodelling in the superficial fat. Profhilo delivers a unique firmness and tightness to skin on the face, neck and body. Maintenance treatments not only yield natural and lasting results long-term, but a cumulative benefit is evident over time.

ProCollective (PC): In your opinion, who is Profhilo best suited to?

Anna: Profhilo is for everyone! Men & women, face, neck and body-with both preventative and corrective benefits, it will bring out the best of any treatment(s).

ProCollective (PC): Profhilo Body recently launched in New Zealand. How does the body iteration differ from the original Profhilo treatment?  

Anna: It is the same technology-Just a more comprehensive and targeted approach for treating areas on the body with a greater surface area, and potentially more stubborn skin laxity, than the face and neck. Profhilo Body is available to the practitioner as a kit which contains 2 3ml syringes of Profhilo body (increased HA concentration of 96mg), post treatment soothing patches, plus a phenomenal homecare skin firming body product.

ProCollective (PC): Reflecting on your career, what are some of the biggest changes you’ve noticed in the field of cosmetic medicine since starting out? 

Anna: The unprecedented growth in the market has driven a huge upsurge in the number of practitioners offering treatments. The lack of regulation in England has intensified challenges in line with the increased number of non-medical practitioners offering aesthetic medical treatments. The rise of the ‘lunchtime treatment’ is at an all-time high as a popular concept/approach.

ProCollective (PC): What trends are you currently observing in treatments and client demand?  

Anna: Energy based treatments/market has exploded in demand and popularity, with so many devices available for all budgets. The body market (non-invasive) is showing strong growth due to the increased accessibility of lunchtime treatment options. Wellness and regenerative medicine continue to soar in terms of treatment/product launches and popularity.

ProCollective (PC): As a business owner, how do you go about selecting what treatments to offer and brands to align with?

Anna: We are guided by what our patients need AND want. There is enough choice in terms of quality products and brands to be able to select the best of what many have to offer and choose discerningly. Each brand has its strengths, areas of expertise, so we utilize these, and ensure we switch up or offerings on a regular basis. Company support going forward is absolutely critical for us, along with on-going educational/business development guidance/support with marketing/servicing (capital equipment). We look at the quality of training, as well as the evidence behind the technologies.

ProCollective (PC): Throughout your career, if you had to pick (you have a fair few career highlights!), what would be your proudest moment? 

Anna: I have been fortunate to be awarded as Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner of The Year in 2016 & 2017, as well as runner up for Dermatology Nurse of The Year in 2012, 2013 & 2014. I jointly set up & ran a multi-award winning teaching band with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, which won Teaching Initiative of The Year for 5 consecutive years at our annual Aesthetic Awards.

ProCollective (PC): Looking to the next few years, what are your predictions for the future of cosmetic medicine?

Anna: Regenerative medicine will increasingly take centre stage, as well as increased focus on skin & skin quality treatments. I feel the body market will continue to grow, along with the scope of ‘lunchtime treatments.’

Profhilo is distributed in New Zealand via medical aesthetics distributor Dermocosmètica.

About Anna Baker

Anna Baker is an award-winning Aesthetic nurse, trainer and qualified Educator with over 17 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine. She has held senior nurse injectable positions at several high street clinic chains and jointly set up a number of nurse-led medical aesthetic clinics, as well as nurse led topical photodynamic therapy clinics in conjunction with Galderma UK Ltd. She practices in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

With a keen interest in facial anatomy, Anna holds a post-graduate certificate in Applied Clinical Anatomy-specialising in head and neck anatomy and has undertaken the NMC Practice Educator Qualification at King’s College London as part of her on current MA in Clinical Education studies. Anna was awarded ‘Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner of The Year’ at the Aesthetic Awards 2017, and ‘Highly Commended’ in 2015 and 2016. Anna is part of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing and is the Aesthetic Nursing Section Editor for The PMFA Journal, and frequently contributes anatomical and aesthetic articles to a number of journals. She regularly presents at national and international aesthetic and anatomical conferences and has been a previous runner up for ‘Dermatology Nurse of The Year’ at The British Journal of Nursing Awards in 2014 and been awarded ‘Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner of The Year’ at The British Journal of Nursing Awards in 2016, Anna is a board member for The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), and jointly leads the Education & Training Committee on behalf of this organisation.

Anna also works on an independent consultancy basis and as a Key Opinion Leader with several aesthetic companies, including NEOSTRATA, Aesthetic Technologies, IBSA, and Skinbetter Science, and is part of the training faculty for Ha-Derma Ltd – Exclusive distributor of IBSA Derma products in the UK and Ireland.