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Incoming: The next generation of anti-ageing haircare

Incoming: The next generation of anti-ageing haircare

Like skincare, haircare is inherently personal. There are different hair types, concerns, wants, and needs. From smoothing and volume to colour preserving and anti-breakage – there is already a vast offering of targeted haircare ranges for plenty of common hair concerns and goals. Until recently, one category less catered to but by no means less common, was ageing.

Hairdressers know first hand the power of a mood-boosting, confidence-evoking hairdo. So, a selection of haircare that caters to all hair types and goals is of the upmost importance in the salon.

Like our skin develops fine lines and wrinkles overtime, our hair also ages with us. We invest in anti-ageing products like serums and supplements but often neglect an anti-ageing regimen for our tresses. Hair also requires focused and intentional care to keep it looking and feeling its best.

Thankfully, we’re seeing increasingly more ranges formulated to restore vitality in ageing hair. The latest release is Joico YouthLock – a transformative collagen-infused collection that recaptures and sustains youthful bounce, shine, and manageability, while locking in strong, lustrous hair.

Formulated with the anti-ageing powerhouse collagen, the range reduces fall-out and frizz while softening hair dramatically without weighing it down.

The Joico YouthLock collection includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Masque, and Blowout Crème.

Below, find helpful tips for clients with mature hair…

  • Hydration is key! A post-shower hydrating treatment like a leave-in conditioner can be beneficial for ageing hair, which tends to be dry and brittle. Look for one that offers deep hydration but isn’t too heavy for finer hair types.
  • If your client is concerned about hair loss, recommend they see a board-certified dermatologist or trichologist to find the best treatment plan.
  • A root touch-up spray or powder can help create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair while covering up grey areas. Try Color Wow Root Cover Up

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