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Jumping on the Barbie bandwagon: 8 ways to maximise the ‘Barbie effect’ to boost revenue

Jumping on the Barbie bandwagon: 8 ways to maximise the ‘Barbie effect’ to boost revenue

It’s Barbie’s world, we’re just living in it. With the highly anticipated film drawing sell-out crowds to cinemas across New Zealand this week, it’s impossible to escape the Barbie effect. From limited edition clothing collections to perfectly pink collaborations like Glasshouse Fragrances’ Barbie Dreamhouse Candle and Mermade Hair’s Barbie Blowout Kit, every brand is jumping on board the Barbie Pink Corvette.

This week, we’re looking through hot pink-tinted glasses, and the beauty world is getting the full treatment. Stay ahead of the trends, with our round-up of the biggest Barbie revenue opportunities in beauty.

The Basic Barbie Manicure

You don’t need to go full pink to embrace a Barbie aesthetic. Flesh-matching nails, a tidy shape and conservative length are key hallmarks of her look, too. The exact Barbie nail shape is open to a bit of variation but largely ranges from rounded to almond depending on how long you like your nails. For those who prefer the shorter look, a squoval-shaped manicure is a popular shape.

The Barbiecore Manicure

For the diehard Barbie fans, OPI’s limited edition Barbie the Movie Collection perfectly embodies the film’s energy. Each shade has been carefully curated to capture the feel-good vibe of the movie, with names—like ‘Hi Ken!’ and ‘Feel the Magic!’—conceptualised in collaboration with the film’s director and writer, Greta Gerwig.

The collection offers four mood-boosting pinks in both crème and metallic finishes, including a bold and saturated magenta hue that demands attention. Alongside Barbie’s signature hot pink, the collection also features three vibrant shades: lemon yellow, sky blue, and a shimmery baby blue. To add an extra touch of sparkle and fun, two glitter shades with iridescent, silver, and pink foil particles complete the collection, offering a spectrum of captivating and vibrant hues.

For an equally fun yet slightly subtler take on the look, hot pink French tips give off the same Barbie energy.

The Barbie Blow Wave

Dubbed ‘Dream Waves’, by celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, the signature Barbie blowout features soft, bouncy, brushed out waves. Blow dry with a large round brush and prep hair with a bodyifying cream that also protects from heat.

The Barbie Ponytail

Swingy yet simultaneously sophisticated, a high set ponytail is an iconic Barbie hairstyle. It’s defined by a high pony with a concealed elastic, curled ends, and a swoop.

The Barbie Cut

For an of the moment Barbie cut, think healthy, glossy, thick, and all one length. Consider bundling a few services into one like an Olaplex treatment, glossing service, cut, and Barbie Blow Wave.

Platinum Barbie Blonde

This is not a Mattel-box dye job, so expect a surge in demand for clients seeking that creamy classic Barbie blonde.

Pink blush

For make-up artists, ‘80s-inspired pretty in pink blush is in peak demand. It started on TikTok, as most makeup trends do these days, with Dior’s viral Rosy Glow Blush. The buildable, pH-adjusting bubblegum pink was sold out everywhere for weeks, igniting an obsession with similar shades.


With such a spectrum of shades, this trend is one that suits all skin tones. For a soft, natural version on medium to deep skin tones, opt for a mid-tone pink that errs on the cool side. For fairer tones, go for a candy pink shade, while richer tones will respond well to a hot pink.

Doll Lashes

Doll-like lashes are fluttery and flirty with a taper for an elongated look. The key to mastering this is anchoring with a mild eyeliner wing, mimicking the lash line, which further opens up the eyes.

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