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K18 launches an innovative aerosol-free dry shampoo

K18 launches an innovative aerosol-free dry shampoo

K18, the revolutionary haircare brand renowned for its molecular repairing products, has now expanded its line to include a new haircare category.

Launched in 2020, K18 initially comprised of only two products: a Molecular Repair Hair Mask for at-home use and a Molecular Repair Mist for professional use. The former, a four-minute leave-in treatment, became a TikTok season, accumulating over 20 billion views. It’s now one of the most sought after hair products for its ability to deliver lasting results, restore strength, softness, smoothness and bounce.

Since then, K18 has launched shampoos, a conditioner, and a hair oil, all with a similar molecular repairing focus and benefits. Earlier this month, the brand released Damage Shield Shampoo and Conditioner – a colour-safe duo designed to protect hair from daily environmental aggressors.

Now, there’s another addition! Launching today, AirWash, is an innovative, aerosol-free dry shampoo. It marks a new category of hair products for K18.

The dry shampoo is designed to help maximise the time between hair washes while keeping your hair looking, feeling, and smelling fresh.

So, what sets it apart? The key ingredient in AirWash is K18’s newly patented odorBIND molecule, which works to seek out and eliminate odours with time release technology that lasts for up to three days. This means that even if you choose to go a few days between washes, your hair will still smell fresh and clean. Additionally, the formula is powdery white cast-free, thanks to translucent oil-absorbing microbeads, ensuring that your hair looks clean and voluminous.

Source: K18

AirWash also contains Mediterranean microalgae that is beneficial for the scalp and helps to improve hair manageability. This unique combination of ingredients makes AirWash a game-changing product for those looking to extend the time between washes without sacrificing the health and appearance of their hair.

With the launch of AirWash, K18 continues to solidify its reputation as a brand that prioritises the internal health and integrity of hair.

Image: K18