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Leading pharmacy chain to impose a ban on the sale of anti-aging products to minors

Leading pharmacy chain to impose a ban on the sale of anti-aging products to minors

Apotek Hjärtat, one of Sweden’s main pharmacy chains, has announced a new initiative to limit the sale of certain skincare products to individuals under 15 years old. This decision was made in response to the growing trend of Generation Alpha, which includes those as young as 10, turning to anti-aging products and advanced skincare routines influenced by social media.

Monika Magnusson, CEO of Apotek Hjärtat, emphasised the importance of promoting responsible skincare practices and combatting unhealthy beauty standards for youth. “Today there is an unhealthy and unnecessary use of advanced skincare products among young people, and we want to be a voice that says stop,” Magnusson stated in an email to AFP. As a major retailer of skincare products and a pharmacy, Apotek Hjärtat aims to take responsibility for promoting skincare usage according to individual needs rather than beauty ideals.

The products subject to this age restriction, which include anti-aging products containing AHAs, BHAs, vitamin A, and vitamin C, are now only available to customers aged 15 and above with parental consent or a medical certificate justifying their use. Annika Svedberg, chief pharmacist at Apotek Hjärtat, highlighted the importance of selecting skincare products based on skin type and condition rather than age. “Using products aimed at reducing wrinkles and evening out skin tone is not something a child needs,” she added.

Apotek Hjärtat’s decision to enforce this age limit is being implemented both online and in their 390 pharmacies across Sweden. The pharmacy hopes that this initiative will encourage important conversations among families and society about beauty ideals, skincare practices, and the psychological impact of young people focusing on aging.

The trend of young people seeking out and using advanced skincare products, dubbed “Sephora kids,” has raised concerns among experts about potential skin risks and the psychological effects of overly focusing on the signs of aging from a young and vulnerable age. While skincare and self-care are important, experts emphasise the importance of prioritising basic hygiene and using products appropriate for individual skin needs rather than those designed for more mature skin.

Aesthetic professionals believe Apotek Hjärtat’s decision to limit the sale of advanced skincare to those over 15 is a step in the right direction. Not only will it encourage important conversations about beauty standards and the role brands should play in this, it also cements the importance of seeking personalised recommendations from skin professionals over apps like TikTok.

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