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Meet the powerhouse new retinal eye serum raising the bar

Meet the powerhouse new retinal eye serum raising the bar

When it comes to tackling just about any skin problem—from acne and fine lines to uneven texture— retinal vitamin A is almost always the answer. However, not all retinal vitamin A is created equal.

In 2018, Medik8’s Crystal Retinal range changed the game incorporating retinaldehyde – a next generation vitamin A molecule. Delivering results up to 11 times faster than classic forms of retinol, retinaldehyde rapidly resurfaces the skin while helping to plump the complexion. Delivered in a crystal encapsulation system, the active is time-released throughout the night. This means retinaldehyde is just as gentle on the skin as retinol, but has effects similar to prescription-strength retinoic acid. Unlike other forms of vitamin A, retinaldehyde has the added benefit of having direct bacterial action, making it the ideal anti-ageing ingredient for blemish-prone skin.

Now, Medik8 has once again raised the bar with the launch of Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye, the World’s first clinical strength retinal for the eye. Inspired by the multi-award-winning vitamin A serum for the face, it features retinaldehyde, which has been stabilised at clinical strength and combined with ceramides and hyaluronic acid filling spheres.

The eye area can especially benefit from retinal, as skin is naturally thinner and more fragile, making it more susceptible to the ageing process. But due to this, it needs to be treated with a little more TLC.

Specially optimised for use on the eye area, Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye features twin-encapsulated retinaldehyde – Medik8’s most gentle delivery system yet. The system combines cyclodextrin (crystal) encapsulated retinaldehyde with microsponge encapsulated retinaldehyde to ensure the ultra-slow release of retinal power for effective yet non-irritating results.

The formula is further stabilised by Medik8’s patent-pending carrot seed oil complex as well as an innovative stability system consisting of airless packaging with a check valve and an aluminium finish – all of which prevent oxygen and UV light from degrading the formula. Meanwhile, a cannula nozzle ensures precise application and dosage to help prevent product waste. The perfectly structured formula is also lightweight and fast-absorbing to reduce any migration of the product and potential irritation.

As part of the brand’s unique Crystal Retinal ladder, Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye is available in three strengths to help deliver progressive visible results in one night-time step.

The all-in-one solution for evening eye care is clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, wrinkles, crepiness and puffiness* while remaining gentle on the delicate eye area**. This is the ideal, specialised solution for those with visible signs of dryness and ageing around the eyes as well as for anyone looking to streamline their PM skincare routine without compromising on results.

*Proven via independent clinical study on Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 6 conducted over 12 weeks on 38 participants

**Proven via independent consumer study on Crystal Retinal Ceramide Eye 3 conducted over 6 weeks on 50 participants

***G. Siegenthaler et al., Retinol and retinal metabolism, Biochemical Journal, 1990, 268, pp 371-378



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