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Meet the sisters behind Auckland’s one-stop beauty destination

Meet the sisters behind Auckland’s one-stop beauty destination

There are two camps when it comes to getting into business with family: avoid at all costs or go all-in. Entrepreneurial sibling duo, Courtney and Britney Ackland, sit firmly in the latter – and pull it off seamlessly.

Bo. Beauty and Bo. Injectables, is the culmination of the sisters’ unique, complementary skill sets and lifelong partnership, under one roof on Ponsonby’s Jervois Road. Recently, Courtney (owner of Bo. Injectables), brought her sister Britney, an award-winning brow artist with a cult following of her own, into the Bo. fold. The result is a one-stop destination for all things brows, beauty and injectables.

We caught up with Courtney and Britney to learn more about the exciting new venture…

PC: Firstly, congratulations on joining forces! Talk us through the thinking and concept behind bo

Courtney: Thank-you! With both of us being in the beauty industry it’s been something we’ve always talked about. Brows, beauty and injectables all complement each other so it was always going to happen, we just had to find the right time. 

Britney: Thank you so much! Believe it or not but Courtney and I have actually worked alongside each other in some capacity within the beauty industry for almost our entire working career. Since recently leaving my previous salon which I co-owned, it felt like the perfect time for us to reconnect. Offering complementary services, sharing the same vision and aesthetic, it was a no-brainer! 

PC: What inspired you both to partner up?

Courtney: It just made sense. We share a lot of the same clients, we work really well together and both have the same business/life goals. The idea of having your sister working across the hallway also sounded fun! 

Britney: Exactly what Court said! It made so much sense from a brand and client perspective, as well as us individually.

PC: What do you attribute the strength of your partnership to? What makes your bond so special

Courtney: We are super close sisters (we even live on the same property!) and we just have a really good understanding of each other and how each other works. We both have different strengths in business so when you put us together, we make a good team. 

Britney: Being extremely close sisters we have a deeper level of trust, respect and understanding of each other. Besides being twins in every sense we actually operate very differently, which tends to bring out the best in each of us.

PC: What are three words that encapsulate the bo. experience?

Courtney: Relaxed, Approachable, Personalised.

We really get to know our clients on a personal level, a lot of them are like friends to us. Knowing my clients so well means I can give each person a really personalised experience, because it’s just me injecting. Each client has their own wants and concerns, so I tailor their treatment to this. I’m also passionate about breaking down the stigma towards injectables. I want to be informative and approachable, helping people choose the best treatment for them, while creating a relaxing and friendly experience.

Britney: Professional, tailored, welcoming.

PC: Is there a signature style bo. is known for in both brows and injectables? 

Courtney: Yessss, minimalists! We both love and believe in natural beauty. We want to enhance looks whilst keeping everything looking natural.

Britney: What Court said! Especially when it comes to cosmetic tattoos. We always aim to provide brows that not only look beautiful initially but will age and fade nicely down the track.

Image via bo. injectables

PC: How would you sum up the overall vibe and aesthetic of the bo. space?

Courtney: Both of our rooms are situated in an old villa, so it’s got a really comfortable homely vibe. The aesthetic of our rooms is fresh, timeless and simple, with an element of fun and a pop of colour. 

PC: Is it just the two of you who make up the team? If so, any plans to expand the team further?

Courtney: For now, it’s just us. We don’t have any plans to expand in the near future but it could be something we think about later down the line.

Britney: Never say never but I am really enjoying the one-on-one personalised experience with each and every client. Getting to know clients individually and their brow goals, it’s so rewarding being along on their journey with them. 

PC: What are your respective roles and do you share any responsibilities? 

Courtney: Brit completely runs bo Beauty and I run bo Injectables. The only shared responsibilities we have would be anything to do with ‘bo’, like marketing, branding and campaigns. Brit is really good at the social media bits and I am good at the business development side. So, we work well together!

PC: Two sisters in beauty is pretty unique! What inspired both your careers in the same industry and what drew you to your respective specialties?

Courtney: haha it is a little unique and it definitely gets our clients confused sometimes, especially as we look so alike! Brit and I have worked together in the past at a few different salons. I went off and did my nursing degree whilst Brit set up her previous brow business. Brit was always very into makeup and so she picked up the brow skill very quickly. Being a Registered Nurse I was able to inject and always wanted to get into injectables. 

Britney: When I knew uni wasn’t for me after high school, it was only natural to follow in my big sister’s footsteps and become a beauty therapist. To be completely honest I somewhat fell into specialising in brows. I was working at a body waxing salon whilst Courtney was working at a brow salon. I eventually joined her there and the rest is history!

PC: Tell us about your journey to where you are today…

Courtney: Post-school I went into beauty therapy and worked within the industry for 12 years. After so long in general beauty, I needed a new challenge and wanted more out of my career, so I went off and completed my nursing degree. I spent some time working in the hospital before an opportunity opened to get into injectables. Since moving into injectables, I’ve worked alongside some of the top plastic surgeons in Auckland and have proudly been running bo for the last four years. 

Britney: I left high school at 17 to get my diploma in beauty therapy. From there, I got my first job specialising in body waxing but also offered a variety of beauty treatments such as spray tans, facials, etc. A couple years later I was ready for a new challenge, which landed me in a job specialising in eyebrows. This is where I learnt cosmetic tattooing and really came into my own as a brow artist. A couple of years into this role I was approached by the owner to go into business with her, which we then opened in 2016 when I was 21, specialising in all cosmetic tattoo services. After seven years of owning our salon, we decided to part ways, which has led me to my most exciting venture to date… bo. beauty!

PC: What’s been your biggest career highlight to date?

Courtney: Definitely joining forces with Brit and starting bo. beauty. It’s something we’ve talked about for years, so to finally see it all come to life was an actual dream come true. 

Britney: Flying to New York to attend a masterclass with one of my favourite brow artists was a highlight. Otherwise, being the chosen artist for clients who have been through chemotherapy or suffer from alopecia is always such an honour and incredibly rewarding. 

PC: What trends are you observing in brows and injectables right now?

Courtney: People are becoming more aware of preventative injectables. I think clients are moving away from fuller lips and frozen faces – people want to feel like themselves, just a little more fresh.

Britney: The brow world is forever evolving and it feels impossible to keep up sometimes but clients are loving brow laminations at the moment! I’m also finding clients are leaning towards a ‘tidier’ or more sculpted style brow vs the super outgrown/fluffy style that has been popular in the past.

PC: Who have been some of your biggest mentors, supporters or influences over your successes

Courtney: I’m in a really lucky position where I’m surrounded by women in business. Brit obviously was in business before me so she had always been a huge help, our older sister Ashlee also has her own successful business, my mother-in-law has a wealth of business knowledge, and I’ve also got a few best friends who own their own businesses. I’m very supported and always learning something from these women.

Britney: My very first boss Ruby (who is actually Courtney’s mother-in-law) has always been a key person in my journey. From teaching me how to run and scale a successful business and brand to offering endless advice, she has always been someone I can call on. She previously owned a reputable waxing salon for many years, so she has a world of knowledge and understands the industry. I have also worked with business consultants in the past which helps offer a deeper perspective on your business.

PC: We’re always eager to peek inside the beauty bag of a pro. What are your three can’t-live-without beauty products right now? 

Courtney: Mine would have to be a strong vitamin A serum – currently loving the Cosmedix Refine Plus, second would have to be the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser – I love how this looks and feels on my skin, and third will have to be my everyday perfume BYREDO Gypsy Water

Britney: RevitaLash Hi-Def Brow Gel in soft brown – best brow gel ever. LiLash Eyelash Serum and Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream because I’m 100% addicted.

PC: Finally, Britney if you had to give only one brow tip, what would it be?

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