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Meet the solution that will help power your practice’s versatility

Meet the solution that will help power your practice’s versatility

Discover the Nordlys Multi-Application Platform by Candela, the ultimate solution for aesthetic clinics, providing versatility, precision, and safety. The system includes SWT technology, fractional laser resurfacing, a user-friendly interface, and a quiet operation.

As an aesthetic clinic owner, selecting the right equipment is crucial to delivering exceptional client results. Introducing the Nordlys system, the multi-application platform from Candela that provides your practice’s ultimate versatility and scalability.

The Nordlys system employs patented Selected Waveband Technology (SWT®) for IPL treatments, making it more precise and targeted than earlier-generation broadband light systems like BBL. SWT filters out wavelengths above 950nm, providing more specific treatments for various skin concerns, such as pigmentation, vascular lesions, and hair removal.

The Nordlys system is the only multi-application platform with two fractional, non-ablative laser resurfacing technologies – addressing both shallow (Frax 1940™) and deeper (Frax 1550™) resurfacing needs. With 21 indications for treatment, the Nordlys system can assist you in meeting the diverse requirements of your clientele.

In addition to its advanced technology and versatility, the Nordlys system has a user-friendly interface that enables practitioners to tailor treatments and adjust settings based on individual patient needs. This level of customisation results in greater precision and accuracy, leading to a more streamlined practice and improved patient satisfaction.

The Nordlys system also operates quietly, providing a calming experience for both practitioners and patients. Additionally, with a safety profile that reduces the risk of burns and hyperpigmentation, the Nordlys system offers the ultimate peace of mind for your practice.

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