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Meet the world-first hair system powered by this unique, patented ingredient

Meet the world-first hair system powered by this unique, patented ingredient

While visiting a clinic for a treatment is typically a beautifying experience, unfortunately for many—in fact millions—it can be an incredibly stressful experience. Hair thinning is one of the most common hair concerns globally. It can be all too consuming and confidence-destroying. In good news though, the future is looking bright thanks to a new paradigm in hair revitalisation, CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System.

The causes of hair loss are wide-ranging, from genetics and stress to factors as simple as haircare routine or the way you style your hair. Best diagnosed and treated professionally, CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System is designed to be the perfect pairing for in-clinic hair regrowth treatments and hair transplant procedures.

How is CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System different?

Created by scientists and trusted by doctors, CALECIM® Professional is the world’s only skincare powered by patented ethically derived Red Deer Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells. It is developed using PTT-6, a proprietary technology derived from a mix of two types of potent stem cells – mesenchymal and epithelial – which, in high concentrations, has been proven to help deliver significant, fast acting benefits.

The CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System contains a high concentration of PTT-6 to help promote fuller-looking hair. As touched on above, this active ingredient works in tandem with in-clinic treatments by providing a nutrient-rich microenvironment to help boost a regenerative response.

The treatment protocol for Advanced Hair System is also straightforward and relatively quick – beneficial for both patient and practitioner and can be used in combination with other in-clinic treatments to boost results or as part of a long-term management plan. It’s applied to the area during in-clinic treatment and then immediately afterwards. The remaining product is then used periodically at home until the ampoule is finished.

The benefits

  • Helps support normal hair follicle cycle
  • Promotes denser, thicker and fuller looking hair
  • Conditions skin for a healthy-looking scalp

The results

While there are hundreds of products and treatments promising to help with hair thinning and promote fuller-looking hair, few are actually proven. CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System is a reliable and efficient hair revitalisation, that is supported by in-vitro and clinical observations.

  • Clinical observations by medical hair specialists confirm a visible increase in hair volume and improved appearance of the hair*.
  • Visible effects can be observed 35 days from the first session, with optimal results at 120 days from the first session. Courtesy of Kelly Morrell, Scalp Confidential, London.

*Test conducted by Singapore Polytechnic

For further information visit www.calecimprofessional.com.au