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New Zealanders are extending time between salon appointments, new data reveals

New Zealanders are extending time between salon appointments, new data reveals

According to new data, New Zealand’s salon client revisit rates are increasing – but this isn’t a good thing, according to leading salon and spa software provider, Kitomba.

The revisit period for New Zealand beauty is 41 days (5.8 weeks) and for hair is 7.1 weeks. These statics cover quarter one 2023, and are calculated based on a nationally representative sample of customers and averages.

While the revisit period for hair and beauty fluctuates by quarter, when comparing Q1 with previous years, it looks to be slightly increasing, not decreasing.

Why are revisit rates so important?

A revisit rate/period has a direct impact on a salon’s revenue. Put simply, the longer the time between visits, the less revenue will be generated. 

For example: If your client revisit period was reduced from 6 weeks and 4 days to just 6 weeks, and on average you complete 95 appointments a week at an average client spend of $99, you would be able to complete 9 additional appointments each week. That’s almost $900 extra per week and $46,000 per year. 

There are tools you can use to measure your rebooking rate. If your salon uses Kitomba, be sure to utilise the Kitomba Business Summary report feature, which enables you to check your rebooking rate. Through this, you can look at your rebooking rate average over a selected date range and compare your rate to other nearby businesses with Kitomba Benchmark. As a handy benchmark, top performing salons generally have a rebooking rate of 80% and over.

Tips for increasing your salon’s revisit rate

Rebooking and reminders

Hair and beauty professionals often avoid asking clients to rebook following their appointment because they don’t want to come off as pushy. However, most clients appreciate being asked to rebook before they leave the salon or spa, according to Kitomba. For clients cautious to book in advance because they’re worried they might forget, it’s worth mentioning that you send out reminders before. 

Loyalty and vouchers

One of the most effective strategies to keep customers returning is to reward them for their loyalty. This can be done through a client loyalty programme, where your clients collect points for every service, and after they collect a certain amount of points they can redeem a complimentary service. Gifting vouchers or discounts with an expiry date is another way to encourage your clients to come back by a certain date.

Send automatic follow-up messages 

Sending an automated email or text message to clients that haven’t come in for a while, is a gentle way to keep your business top of their mind.

Enable online bookings

Interestingly, more than 30% of all online bookings made through Kitomba, occur on Sunday and Monday – days when many salons are closed. An online booking system helps you to capitalise on these moments, allowing your customers to instantly book whenever suits them. Make sure to also promote online bookings on your website, social media, and voicemail.