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NZ Skincare Brand Using AI for a Perfect Match

NZ Skincare Brand Using AI for a Perfect Match

New Zealand skincare brand, Mutual, has big hopes of wiping out the stress of skincare, thanks to its use of artificial intelligence.

Just when you thought skincare couldn’t get any more scientific, enter Mutual: it offers customers a personalised experience by using technology to make an all-in-one skincare product that’s perfectly tailored to the purchaser’s skin. Sounds genius? It is.

A facial scanning machine that lives – wait for it – in your phone, is used to detect imperfections and then prescribes the ingredients required to target any problem areas. 

 “So in essence we reverse engineered the algorithms to mimic the process of putting your face in the scanner,” says co-founder Amar Mehta.

The skincare self-assessment process uses an AI algorithm that incorporates  over 70,000 dermatological data points which matches the ingredients, and concentration of the ingredients to the consumer’s skin. Over 220 skincare formulas are available, and retail upwards from $174.

“It all means that the formula you get recommended is highly optimised to your skin needs in a way that would take both an enormous amount of trial and error to accomplish elsewhere and matches ingredients that actually work well together and are stable,” Amar said.

Each product is created in New Zealand, and the one-bottle product cuts down on plastic waste by reducing the number of products used.

Each element of Mutual’s packaging was 100% recyclable, and with each purchase it made a donation to an ocean plastic clean up partner.

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