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EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Newton-John’s Wellness Legacy

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Newton-John’s Wellness Legacy

In her later years, Olivia Newton-John’s name became synonymous with wellness. When she opened the Gaia Retreat & Spa in Northern NSW in 2012, Australians were thrilled to have a little of Olivia’s magic back on their shores.

While the retreat was a consistent favourite among the A-list, in 2021, Olivia declared it was “time to pass the baton,” putting her beloved Gaia on the market.

“For over 16 years and winning more than 55 global awards, Gaia Retreat & Spa was a dream that became a wonderful reality. Over these blessed years, co-owners Gregg Cave, Ruth Kalnin, Warwick Evans and myself have helped make Gaia ‘heaven on earth’ by creating a healing and loving place that has become so important to us and our guests from all over the world,” Olivia said. “It’s bittersweet, but as a team, we always agreed that we would ‘go out on top’ and we couldn’t be more proud of the Gaia we have built with our incredible family team.” It has been thought that Olivia sold off Gaia as her health declined.

Olivia on the grounds at Gaia Retreat & Spa

Today, at the sad news of Olivia’s passing after a long battle with cancer, General Manager Josh Langerak exclusively shared his thoughts with ProCollective.

“Today we pay tribute to Olivia and honour all that she has achieved in her life and created here at Gaia Retreat & Spa. She has left an incredible legacy here in our healing heartland… and we will all continue to be inspired by her heartfelt vision and dedication to helping people, embracing natural therapies and the healing magic of Mother Nature.

Olivia has had an incredible impact on so many and we are forever grateful to be connected to her genuine, grounding, effervescent spirit through this precious sanctuary she named Gaia.

We send our love and collective healing energy to Olivia’s family and friends, including the Gaia community.”