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OFF & ON and Skin Institute join forces

OFF & ON and Skin Institute join forces

Skin Institute, one of New Zealand’s leading skin and vein health and appearance medicine experts, recently joined forces with hair removal and brow leaders OFF & ON, the country’s leader in hair removal and brows, expanding Skin Institute’s offering to cover the full raft of consumers’ aesthetic needs in New Zealand.

“OFF & ON is one of the most exciting and dynamic players in our industry, with broad consumer appeal, backed up by delivering great customer results and experience,” says Skin Institute’s CEO Jenni Ryan. “We have been fans of theirs for some time and we’re delighted to be bringing them into our Skin Institute family.”

“We saw a special opportunity to create a very unique proposition for New Zealand – the very best in aesthetics and appearance medicine at all levels of the market.”



OFF & ON is the playful powerhouse and beauty team which has for over 10 years provided high quality essential beauty treatments for Kiwis. The business was launched in 2008, when founder Nicky Shore, armed with her Blackberry, snazzy powerpoint and clip-art skills, lamented the scarcity of reliable and enjoyable waxing services. In the decade since, OFF & ON has cemented its place with a loyal, vibrant following through its high-quality services and distinctive customer experiences.

“Skin Institute has always been on a pedestal for us in terms of the most trusted and very best in skin health, underpinned by true expertise and excellence in care – it’s incredible to be joining forces,” says Nicky. “It’s because we share the same vision, values and philosophy we see the brightest future for OFF & ON within the Skin Institute Group.”

“We started the brand with a brave point of view, one that challenged where essential beauty treatments were headed. Today we’ve grown to six branches with 50 staff. And now 10 years on, we have the medical credentials, resourcing, support and commitment to realise this. Together with the Skin Institute Group, we are focused on creating even more added value and innovation for our customers, as we continue to build something special in the New Zealand market.”

Since its inception in 1994, Skin Institute has grown into a multi-disciplinary specialist centre with over 17 clinics nationwide. Last year it launched its retail sister brand Lovely By Skin Institute, specialising in more convenient and affordable mall-based appearance aesthetics stores.

The beautiful beauty partnership will enable OFF & ON’s continued broadening of services – through the Skin Institute’s extensive medical credentials and expertise evidenced by its market-leading 25-year history within New Zealand.

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