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Olaplex founder and scientist unveils new haircare brand

Olaplex founder and scientist unveils new haircare brand

When cult haircare brand Olaplex launched in 2014, it changed the industry forever. The cult brand introduced the idea of ‘bond-building’ products to strengthen the hair’s internal structure. Now, it’s one of the most successful brands on the market. In exciting news this week, Dr. Eric Pressly, inventor and scientist behind Olaplex, has unveiled a new haircare brand, epres—consisting of two science-based treatments, including one professional in-salon SKU and one consumer at-home SKU.

Once again, the range features inaugural technology – a next-generation acid-free, bond repair treatment. The patent-pending formulas contain just four ingredients and work to deliver professional-grade results for all hair types. Furthermore, Epres uses Biodiffusion technology, enabling it to continue transforming the hair long after it dries, in one simple step.

The first launch, Professional Bond Repair, is a salon exclusive product that helps keep hair strong during chemical services—such as bleaching and perming—without disturbing the pH levels. As it’s formulated without acid, hairdressers don’t have to be too concerned with precise measuring when they use it during chemical treatments.

The second product launching is the Bond Repair Treatment Kit, which addresses damage that’s already occurred. The kit comes with two bottles of an oil-based concentrate and a spray bottle. Its formula actively re-bonds hair’s structure adding lasting softness, strength, and manageability; its liquid-molecule technology continues to diffuse repair throughout each strand for hours after application.

Experts are already calling the innovative, science-led brand, “the future of haircare”. Epres is due to launch in October in the U.S.