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Please explain, #ShowerTok: Why everyone is obsessed with ‘everything showers’

Please explain, #ShowerTok: Why everyone is obsessed with ‘everything showers’

No social media platform that’s come before TikTok has had quite the power to turn even the most mundane of rituals into a trend. From ‘girl dinner’ to ‘hair slugging’, TikTok users are finding solace in trends that romanticise the most basic parts of everyday life.

If you’re on TikTok, without realising, you’re likely engaging in multiple niche communities. Working in the beauty industry, you may have come across the latest beauty subset, ‘Showertok’ or the ‘everything shower’. While the craze can be linked back to 2021, it has been rapidly gaining momentum again over the last few months, with #showertok accumulating over six billion views.

What is an ‘everything shower’?

Like many of the platform’s niche trends, you’re probably already doing it. TikTok’s latest beauty trend making waves, the everything shower, is all about taking your usual shower routine and transforming it into a self-care session. Consider it your most intensive and multi-stepped shower of the week. According to leading British beauty retailer SpaceNK, an everything shower is a weekly head-to-toe routine that can take anywhere from two to four hours. Going beyond your usual weekday shower, it’s that once-a-week, reset shower, most commonly taken at the end of the week.

TikTok creators are making videos breaking down extravagant routines complete with exfoliators, hair masks, multiple shampoos, deep conditioners, shaving creams, oils, and body washes.

Beginning before the tap is even turned on, is the pre-shower stage. Top viewed takes on the trend include music, scented candles, and dry body brushing, before hopping in the shower.


Is an EVERYTHING SHOWER an actual thing??

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Following the pre-shower step, the shower stage includes the usual supsets—shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and body wash—plus all the frills. Think pre-shampoos, scalp scrubs, hair steaming, face masks, full body shaving and even foot filing. The joke on TikTok is that an everything shower leaves you feeling physically exhausted (cue the video below).

As for the post-shower phase, popular add-ons include heated towels, therapeutic body oil, whipped body butter, lip balm, gua sha, herbal tea, and fresh sheets.

Why is the everything shower so popular?

According to the Vogue Business TikTok Trend Tracker, created using exclusive data from TikTok, #showerroutine was a top trending hashtag in June 2023, while #bodywash was one of the top trending hashtags in July this year. It’s even given rise to a whole new roster of bodycare micro-trends, which savvy brands have jumped on board with.

The global health and wellness market size was valued at USD $4.7 trillion in 2021 and is projected to reach $12.9 trillion by 2031. It’s never been cooler to prioritise the things that make you feel good, and the everything shower is simply an extension of that.