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Pro tips for creating the perfect 2019 lip

Pro tips for creating the perfect 2019 lip

Just as brow shape trends come and go, so to do those for lips. In years past, the only lip trends that we could conjure up were those based on makeup – lipsticks, colours, textures, liner techniques, and using contouring, ombre, over-lining and under-lining in order to manipulate shape.

Now, through the joys of filler, lip shape trends are more flexible and versatile than before, and the choice of quality product on the market and widespread popularity has really allowed the freedom for skilled doctors and nurses to perfect their technique and create cushiony, dreamy lips for their clients every time.

Mala McAlpin finds out from the experts what it really means to create the perfect lip using dermal filler in 2019.

Danielle Walker – registered nurse/cosmetic injector
We prescribe soft lip fillers and anti-wrinkle injections to enhance shape, improve lip volume and peri-oral structure, all of which decline and change with age. The approach to lip augmentation today is to accentuate one’s unique, natural lip characteristics without trying to change shape or create excessive volume.

Pouty lips were all the rage a couple of years ago but more recently our clients are requesting more subtle results and want natural volume that helps to pronounce the vermillion border, Cupid’s bow and philtral columns. It’s all about creating soft, subtle results over time that are in balance and harmony with other facial features.

Dr Kate Jameson – cosmetic physician
In my opinion the perfect lip transcends any trends and ultimately is dependent on the patient, their ethnicity, their natural proportions and of course their aesthetic goals.

Traditionally cosmetic doctors have thought in terms of the phi ratio, the top lip being slightly smaller than the bottom to a ratio of 1:1.6 but this doesn’t work for everyone. What is right for one person may not be right for another. We have also seen trends with larger top lips, equal proportions and of course the Kardashian-fuelled trend of overinflated lips.

Ultimately the perfect lip needs to be anatomically correct. With definition to the vermillion border, a lack of fine lines and wrinkles around the lip, smooth contours, full lateral pillows to the bottom lip and a defined Cupid’s bow. The profile needs to be balanced from all angles.

My patients generally seek a natural enhancement and prefer softer fillers rather than firmer volumising fillers. That being said I love to slowly build volume over multiple sessions and work with the patient to get to their desired result, whether that be a fuller lip for my younger patients, or restoring lost volume and hydration in an older patient.

Dr Jonathan Hopkirk – medical director, Laser Clinics Australia & New Zealand
Lips are an incredibly important facial feature. In my opinion they are the balancing platform with regards to facial aesthetics. Too little volume can give the appearance of a lengthened lower face however, too much volume can distract from other facial features.

My patients come to me as I really like to make lips look as beautiful as possible without making them look like they’ve been ‘done’. I focus on ratio balance, symmetry, definition and overall volume which is accommodated well by the patient’s face.

Being a male myself I also get entrusted with a lot of male patients and lips are definitely trending among other anti-ageing treatments. Simply getting cosmetic injectable treatments does not emasculate you and there is nothing immodest about wanting to look fresh.

A patient’s face is beautifully unique and I always endeavour to keep it that way just with a little guidance along the way.

Chontelle Roberts – registered nurse/cosmetic injector
Current trends for lip filler have greatly changed from what was in fashion 1-2 years ago. The ideal look that is being asked for by clients is ‘a change that others can’t pick’. Plump lips are certainly still requested, but I believe that times have now changed. Subtle and slight changes are becoming the most common requests.

A perfect step in the right direction is that clients are aware of facial proportions even before their consultations, so they understand that lip filler should be in combination with other injectable treatments to create an overall ‘natural’ result.

Dr Edwina Morgan – medical aesthetic practitioner
My mantra when it comes to lips, is “subtle but significant.” My patients come to see me as I approach lips in a way that ensures the natural lip shape is showcased, whilst providing more of a “hydration” rather than projection. All too often we see lips that are too large for the proportions of the face.

I carefully assess and consult my patients to ensure, firstly that lip filler is appropriate, and secondly, that it will keep the balance of their facial aesthetic and profile. I use a variety of different fillers to assist me in this.

For a young lip, I can use a firmer product, as I’m just enhancing the natural volume and integrity. In a more mature lip, I use a more supple, hydrating filler, which everts the hidden lip’s body, whilst soothing out the fine lines and wrinkles, literally hydrating the lip.

I am also careful to assess any volume loss in and around the mouth area, and will restore this if needed, as during the natural ageing process, our bony structure decreases.

Bridget Savage – registered nurse/cosmetic injector
Gone are the days of big and unnatural looking lips. People are now moving towards a total face approach where the lips are in complete harmony with other facial features. The perfect lip should be natural-looking and undetectable from all profiles. The shape can be big or small, however it’s essential to work with the patient’s natural lip shape and enhance what they already have, while ensuring the lips are in proportion with the rest of the face.

When it comes to texture, the lips should be soft and flexible so the patient is not limited with dynamic actions. They should look and feel natural both on animation and at rest. We find that our patients are asking for a more conservative and natural looking lip, and that’s exactly what we aim to deliver. From both an aesthetics and safety point of view, this is the best possible outcome for our patients.

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