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Triumph & Disaster opens flagship store

Triumph & Disaster opens flagship store

Cult Kiwi skincare and grooming brand Triumph & Disaster recently opened the very cool doors on its brand new flagship store on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road. We caught up with T&D founder Dion Nash to find out more.

What drove the decision to open a bricks and mortar store?
We felt the timing was right, our range has expanded now to over 30 SKU’s, which gives us enough to fill a store and have interest. But equally it was an opportunity for us to show the brand off in an environment purpose fit for T&D. This allows us a marketing opportunity and a flagship to point to for our other retail partners.

Was the location important and why did you go with Ponsonby?
Ponsonby/Three Lamps has always been our spiritual home, I have personally loved here for most of my life and the idea for Triumph & Disaster was conceived here. It is also where our first office was a few years back now, so in a way the decision was easy. Plus we love the people and position of Three Lamps.


What were some of the considerations when it came to the interiors?
Colour was important and also textiles/fabrics. We are still evolving but we feel the combination of rich colour and materials combined with old school provenance and a bit of modern chic works for us.

What have been some of the most popular in-store purchases, versus online – are they the same?
It’s still early days, but much more skincare than haircare in store, where as online it’s more even. Also we just had Father’s Day so we have done a lot of gifting this last month.

What’s next for Triumph & Disaster?
Just to keep learning and improving, we have a lot to learn about retail which also feeds back into the online space and business in general so we are loving life and business is good, but always lots to do.


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