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ProSalon Q&A: makeup artist Jason Hoffman

ProSalon Q&A: makeup artist Jason Hoffman

MECCA recently hosted an intimate media Beauty Lab session with Jason Hoffman, makeup artist extraordinaire and global beauty director for Laura Mercier, in their Newmarket store.

After getting hands-on with some of Laura Mercier’s top products, ProSalon caught up with Hoffman for a quick chat before he jetted off to his next international destination.

What is Laura Mercier like IRL and what’s it like working with her?
The best way to describe Laura is real. I’ll often find myself sitting there, staring at her and reminding myself, this is one of the biggest legends in makeup artistry, and at the same time I’ll be having one of the most open and honest conversations. She is exciting to work with because you can watch her eye at work, which is constantly searching for a more flawless application. She’s also so passionate about sharing with our artists the things she has learned throughout her career.

What do you think sets the brand apart?
What sets Laura Mercier apart is a commitment to effortless artistry. There are brands that promote “the fantasy” with super edited, stylised images. While I think that’s beautiful our aesthetic feels more unedited, breathable and achievable, which I think is even more beautiful!

A shot from the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick eye colour campaign.


What are a couple of your favourite products?
I am currently obsessed with the new Blurring Primer. My favourite trick is to use it on set (or as a midday touch up) and pat it over the foundation to absorb excess oils. I also love Ginger blush – it has a transparent base so it works on so many different skin tones. I love using it as an eye shadow as well.

What would your advice be for makeup artists looking to make their way up at the moment?
My biggest piece of advice is to not get stuck on one method of application. Many artists that are up and coming have learned through YouTube tutorials and I think that’s great but it’s important to go beyond what is popular at this very moment because it can change tomorrow. You have to be nimble and adjust to a multitude of environments and application methods.

Laura Mercier is exclusively available at MECCA and online at meccabeauty.co.nz.

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