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Re-inventing the nail polish bottle lid

Re-inventing the nail polish bottle lid

LBK Nails is revolutionising the ways consumers choose the colour of their polish with an innovative lid that allows them to ‘try on’ a colour without opening the actual bottle.

Ever lid features a hinged plastic nail tip painted with polish the same colour as that in the bottle − consumers simply flip the nail tip and lay it over one of their fingernails to see how it will look on their hands.

Tony Kemeny, the founder of the California-based nail company, says the new patent-protected nail polish bottle lid is “a game changer for the nail industry”.

Kemeny, who has worked in the professional nail care industry for 30 years, says it took “tireless research over the last four years” to develop the “universally practical product”.

“Its design is useful to both professional nail techs and at-home consumers.”

He explains that retailers like the new lid as it makes messy in-store displays a thing of the past as “bottles and retail displays aren’t damaged (by people opening bottles to test colours), no product testers are needed, and customers have fewer returns” while consumers like the fact that “there is no more getting home to find the colour they bought in the store looks totally different when they put it on”.

Launched in the US just three months ago, LBK Nail Lacquer, available in 48 colours featuring the new lid, is now sold online and stocked at a number of independent salons and stores across the US.

“LBK is the perfect way to boost a client’s in-salon experience,” says Kemeny.

The company, which has “recently secured meetings with Target and Ulta Beauty” in the US, has secured distribution in Europe and is planning to have a distribution channel in Australia and New Zealand within 12 months.

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