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Tel Aviv to host Global Wellness Summit 2020

Tel Aviv to host Global Wellness Summit 2020

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the foremost gathering of international leaders in the $4.5 trillion global wellness economy, closed its 2019 conference by announcing that next year’s event will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel, writes Nadine Dilong.

The dates for the 14th annual conference will be November 10–13, 2020.

A consortium of companies both inside and outside of Tel Aviv will serve as host sponsors for next year’s event. The first companies to sign on include Welltech1, a wellness innovation hub and microfund in Tel Aviv; Comtecgroup, an international event production company specialising in medical/scientific conferences; and Geneva-based L.RAPHAEL and R.RAPHAEL in Israel, a well-known luxury beauty brand and technological innovator in anti-ageing skincare.

In making the announcement, Susie Ellis, GWS chair and CEO, told delegates, “We’re thrilled to announce that the Summit will take place in this extraordinary location—one with deep spiritual significance and also firm roots in wellness, including its proximity to the Dead Sea, one of the earliest known wellness destinations.”

Nancy Davis, GWS chief creative officer and executive director, added, “Set against the backdrop of this city’s ancient history is a thriving start-up culture of innovators and entrepreneurs who are at the epicentre of creating positive disruption through the intersection of healthcare, wellness and technology.”

Davis noted that Israel, which is home to the highest concentration of start-ups after Silicon Valley and is known for its cutting-edge technology, is often referred to as “The Start-up Nation.” With this backdrop, the GWS announced plans for the 2020 Summit to include an Innovation Pavilion, which will give delegates the opportunity to meet with the many and varied start-ups working in the wellness industry in Tel Aviv and the wider world.

Welltech1’s co-founder Amir Alroy will play a key role in the Innovation Pavilion. Alroy said, “GWS delegates can expect a curated look at some of the very best wellness start-ups.”

“Israel is home to massive wellness and beauty innovations, and Israeli consumers are consistently among the earliest adopters of cutting-edge wellness-related products and services,” said Israeli-born Ronit Raphael, founder and president of Swiss-based L.RAPHAEL and R.RAPHAEL, which opened the world’s first-ever medical cosmetic centre in Israel in 1986.

“With a population that is expected to double over the next 30 years, Israel will no doubt lead future global wellness trends, making the country a perfect choice for next year’s Summit.”

Registration for the 2020 Global Wellness Summit is now open.

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