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RevitaLash launches global Curl Effect campaign

RevitaLash launches global Curl Effect campaign

According to NPD market data, mascara is the second leading eye cosmetic product purchased, and when purchasing a mascara, “curl” is the third most desired key benefit a consumer is looking for. With these insights in mind, RevitaLash Cosmetics have launched a new global campaign: The Curl Effect.

The hero of the campaign? None other than RevitaLash’s award-winning, best-selling, and globally recognised Advanced Eyelash Conditioner.

Already stocked at top salon and clinics across New Zealand, the global campaign is set to increase awareness even further.

Tapping into demand, RevitaLash Cosmetics sought to provide a natural lash curl, without added colour, that was not only waterproof, humidity-resistant, and low-maintenance but long- lasting as well.

Formulated with scientifically advanced technology, RevitaLash Advanced features patented Curl Effect technology delivered through the brand’s BioPeptin Complex, which conditions and improves the appearance of natural eyelashes, revealing naturally lush lashes.

“As category innovators in the lash, brow, and hair space, we are continuously devoted to providing cutting-edge advancements with our product portfolio, starting with our award-winning, renowned RevitaLashAdvanced,” says Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, founder and CEO of RevitaLashCosmetics. “For the first time ever, we are proud to introduce our proprietary Curl Effect global campaign that sets RevitaLashCosmetics apart, further solidifying our stance as the leaders in the lash category.”