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Skincare for your silhouette? Meet the next generation of body solutions 

Skincare for your silhouette? Meet the next generation of body solutions 

There’s no shortage of personalised skin solutions for our face—or even hair—but when it comes to skin below the neck, targeted body care has long been lagging behind. However, at the tail end of last year, this started to change. There’s been much innovation in the body care space – a testament to this is the latest launch by mesoestetic®. Enabling an equally personalised regimen for our bodies, bodyshock, is the new results-driven body care line you need to know about.

mesoestetic®, a world leader in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine, has developed the new bodyshockrange – an innovative line of solutions to treat key body concerns in a personalised way.

Whether it’s for targeting cellulite or stretch marks, each product within the range has been adapted for the specific treatment area to provide maximum efficacy, enhance the experience and encourage a patient’s commitment to the treatment. In addition, the products can be combined, which allows for a fully personalised protocol.

The range

Backed by proven results, the bodyshock solutions utilise the latest formulation technology and advanced, ultra-concentrated active ingredients to deliver real impact.

bodyshock intensive mist is a two-phase concentrate for problem areas like the abdomen and hips. At the heart of the intensive action mist is a highly efficient [meso] adipoactive complex™. Its combination with milk thistle extract, caffeine and arnica extract enhances the complex’s action, visibly attenuating cellulite imperfections. To enhance the results, its recommended to be applied before any physical activity and/or before using the other products in the range.

How to use: shake the product and unfasten by rotating left until the mechanism is unlocked. Place the product at a distance of 20cm from the skin and press the bottom of the bottle to spray the solution. Apply evenly with a gentle, circular massage until fully absorbed.

RRP: $197

bodyshock celluxpert is a refreshing cream-gel indicated to help treat and prevent visible cellulite from forming and reducing the appearance of ‘orange peel skin’ while hydrating and helping to visibly firm the skin. In addition, it incorporates an exclusive applicator with glass spheres that enhances the penetration of active ingredients, producing a refreshing and decongestive effect.

How to use: rotate the headpiece to the ON position and apply the product with a circular massage. Rotate the headpiece to the OFF position and massage until fully absorbed.

RRP: $151

bodyshock firm’up is a firming body cream with a push-up effect to help treat areas with visible flaccidity and loss of skin elasticity. The combination of firmware complex™, made up of caffeine and L-carnitine encapsulated in liposomes, with the African Kigelia extract, provides turgor to areas with flaccidity such as arms, buttocks and breasts. A molecular film, consisting of amino acids and proteins, moisturises and gives an immediate tightening effect. The massage roller increases the absorption of the active ingredients, enhancing the formula’s efficacy and providing a firmer-looking and more toned skin.

How to use: apply with the massage roller, with a gentle upward massage until fully absorbed.

RRP: $177

bodyshock essential cream is a fast-absorbing cream that provides an immediate feeling of freshness and softness, while hydrating and protecting. Formulated to help treat the appearance of stretch marks, it features a unique complex of plant extracts. Huang qi, which has a recognised revitalising, moisturising and biobalancing efficacy, and centella asiatica, helps promote skin firmness, visibly reducing the appearance of stretch marks and helping prevent them. The presence of liposomal oils and shea butter also provides a nourishing and antioxidant action.

How to use: apply on the entire body or on the desired areas, with a light circular massage until completely absorbed.

RRP: $104