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The Biggest Hair Trends for Winter 2024

The Biggest Hair Trends for Winter 2024

Arguably, nowhere is the cyclical nature of trends more apparent than in the hairdressing industry. As we hit the midpoint of 2024, experts are sharing their insights on the hair trends, in both cut and colour, making waves in the salon right now.

Birkin Bangs

Bangs are back in a big way, specifically 60s-inspired “Birkin bangs”, says Newton Cook, creative & education director at Rodney Wayne. Popularised by French icon Jane Birkin, these bangs are short, slightly feathered, and universally flattering. “They’re not a full, heavy fringe, rather a softer, textured iteration,” he says. For Birkin bangs inspiration, look to celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Jenna Ortega, Emily Ratajkowski, and Zendaya.

70s fringes

Jumping ahead a decade, the 70s full fringe is also picking up speed, in place of last year’s curtain fringe, according to D&M co-owner Danny Pato. “Think slightly curved, kissing the eyebrows, and lightly textured, like Dakota Johnson.”


Face-framing layers have also made a comeback, à la it girls Matilda Djerf and Sabrina Carpenter.

Italian bob

It’s official: “The Hailey Bieber blunt bob (AKA “the Italian bob”) is the hottest bob of the year”, according to the multiple award-winning hairdresser. “It’s boxy, short and eternally chic.” The blunt hairstyle hits right above your jawbone and looks just as great straight as it does with waves.

The Mobwife

Forget “clean girl”, a new aesthetic is emerging – shaggy coat and OTT bling optional. “The Mobwife” is a full-bodied look, styled with volume and bounce, explains Pato. “Shaggy, lived in grungy cuts are going and healthy, shiny, luxurious volume is in! Think Zendaya on the red carpet or Sofia Vegara.”

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When it comes to colour, anything goes right now, with shades at all ends of the spectrum filling our feeds.


“Brunettes are the trending colour of the season, with beautiful caramel tones and warm browns coming through,” says Cook. “We’re seeing a lot of blondes going darker because they want to have that healthy sheen in their hair, which they may have been lacking.” Pato second this, adding, “Cool chocolate, AKA “expensive brunette”, is in. Think rich, multi-tonal chocolates, and healthy, shiny hair. Beautiful, and quietly opulent reminiscent of Dakota Johnson’s.”


As for blonde, it’s all about soft and understated. “Goodbye money pieces and hello blended, subtle highlights and lowlights, combining warm and cool tones,” says Pato.

High fashion colours

For those seeking a higher octave look, both Pato and Cook have observed an uptick in demand for red. “Especially those cool reds with a blue/mahogany undertone, thanks in part to Dua Lipa and Emma Stone,” says Pato.

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