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The new beauty innovation being dubbed a ‘liquid facelift’

The new beauty innovation being dubbed a ‘liquid facelift’

One of the most surprising trends to come out of the pandemic was an increased interest in our appearance. Said to be the result of staring at ourselves in back-to-back meetings all day, it’s given rise to a phenomenon called, ‘Zoom face’ or ‘Zoom boom’, referring to a hyper-awareness of our own faces and the desire to fix even the most minor flaws. 

Beyond strategically repositioning the camera or applying filters, many began resorting to injectables, non-invasive treatments, and facelifts when clinics reopened. Now, there’s a solution filling a gap (pun intended) for results with no needle or downtime required: The WiQo One Lifting & Brightening Programme.

A revolution in needle-free biorevitalisation, the WiQo One Lifting & Brightening Programme is a state-of-the-art programme that helps stimulate the skin’s natural revitalisation processes like never before. Perfect for clients with uneven skin tone, loss of facial definition or elasticity, it delivers visible brightening, smoothing and tightening effects. It’s also recommended as a pre-event treatment over five sessions for optimum lifting results.

How it works

WiQo ONEtakes a multi-layer approach to skin treatments. The programme kicks off with an in-clinic treatment experience. The WiQo One formula is the hero – an exclusive, patent-pending formulation applied topically in-clinic through a specific massage technique, which provides an instant lifting and brightening action. Next, the WiQo Nourishing and Moisturising Face Cream for Dry Skin is applied liberally to the treated area to prevent dryness and soothe any temporary redness. Following this, home treatment protocol, including the Nourishing and Moisturising Face Cream plus the WiQo Smoothing Face Fluid, works in tandem to optimise the clinic results on a daily basis. Together, the three-step programme delivers immediate and progressive results with minimal downtime.

Due to the efficacy in helping activate the skin’s own revitalisation processes, WiQo One is an ideal primer for other aesthetic treatments—like PRP, fillers and mesotherapy—as it can work in synergy to enhance the results.


  • Helps improve the skin’s texture and tone providing an immediate lifting effect, which maintains after 5 sessions.
  • Skin appears visibly brighter, smoother and firmer
  • Minimal discomfort and down time
  • The unique formulation is non-aggressive on the epidermal layers of skin, so no frosting is caused
  • Can be used year round
  • Ideal for those with needle aversions
  • Can enhance the results of other treatments

About WiQo

WiQo develops and produces revolutionary cosmeceutical products direct from the company’s laboratories in Trieste, Italy. It currently distributes to 40 countries around the world – from Japan to the United States and now it is in New Zealand, under the Advanced Cosmeceuticals portfolio of results-driven brands.

WiQo was born from the research, passion and experience of dermatologist Dr. Rossana Castellana. Today WiQo boasts a highly motivated and qualified team in the technical and scientific field with a deep-rooted culture of innovation. This commitment assures the highest quality standards are achieved to meet the exacting demands of the cosmeceutical industry.


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