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The new range of anti-ageing home solutions with patented epigenetic efficacy

The new range of anti-ageing home solutions with patented epigenetic efficacy

Following years of research, age element, a range of innovative anti-ageing skincare solutions by mesoestetic, has launched in New Zealand. The pharmaceutical laboratory developed the personalised range to address the multiple signs of ageing, which can appear at the same time.

ProCollective caught up with Elisa Tapia, product manager at mesoestetic, to learn more about the new range.

ProCollective (PC): Firstly, can you talk us through the causes of skin ageing and the difference between internal and external factors?

Elisa: Overtime, the skin takes longer to regenerate – the endogenous antioxidant systems lose their effectiveness, pigmentation becomes less homogeneous, often leading to the appearance of hyperpigmentation. In addition, at a dermal level, protein synthesis decreases notably, resulting in skin flaccidity and loss of definition of the facial contour. This, together with a compromised skin barrier function and the loss of balance in the hydrolipidic film, makes the skin susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

The difference between internal and external factors lies in their origin. There are factors that affect the progression of the signs of ageing associated with the external environment such as exposure to the sun, pollution, emotional stress, and bad lifestyle habits. However, internal factors are associated with genetics and the biological age of each person.

PC: What sets the mesoestetic age element range apart?

Elisa: It is a complete anti-ageing range that addresses the main signs of ageing through the science of epigenetics. Its unique [meso]epigen system™ complex acts on the primary signs of ageing to help minimise the visible influence of external factors on the skin on gene expression by helping to counteract the appearance of the effects of key catalysts of ageing.

The age element anti-ageing solutions, classified according to their indication, can be combined for a synergistic action, allowing the customisation of treatments tailored to the needs of each patient.

PC: The age element solutions are based on the science of epigenetics – can you explain what this means and entails?

Elisa: Epigenetics is one of the areas of research that has attracted a lot of interest in recent years. This growing area of study has important implications, including a better understanding of stem cells, human evolution, and ageing.

Epigenetics is the study of all the processes and chemical reactions that modify the activity of DNA without altering its sequence, i.e. how genes are controlled or expressed in our bodies.

The relationship between lifestyle and epigenetics was previously unknown, but research has shown that external factors, such as environment, diet, and other lifestyle variables, directly influence the activation of certain epigenetic markers.  

So external factors act as regulatory switches, modulating the activity of a gene, increasing or decreasing its expression.

Deciphering the language that codes epigenetic markers, able to regulate the correct expression of genes, is key to helping counteract the negative effects of skin ageing as it allows for greater coordination and control of skin revitalisation and restorative processes.

PC: What did the development process involve for age element?

Elisa: mesoestetic decided to invest in the study of epigenetics associated with skin ageing more than seven years ago. After years of research, we have succeeded in designing the first anti-ageing complex with a proven epigenetic action that helps combat ageing at its source. This complex, the [meso]epigen system™, was developed based on a doctoral thesis carried out in collaboration with various Biomedical Research Institute specialising in epigenetics and its medical applications.

Publication of a scientific article with the results of the doctoral thesis on epigenetics in the scientific journal AGING*: “Shikimic acid protects skin cells from UV-induced senescence through activation of the NAD+-dependent deacetylase SIRT1” as a result of the collaboration with the Chromatin Biology research group of Dr Alex Vaquero at the Institut Josep Carreras and with the MIRAS research group of Dr Ibraheem Yousef at the ALBA Synchrotron.

To demonstrate the epigenetic anti-ageing efficacy of the [meso]epigen system™ complex, multiple in vitro (cellular) efficacy studies were carried out in the biotechnology department and externally, all with excellent results that endorse the epigenetic anti-ageing efficacy of the complex.

PC: What are some of the innovative ingredients featured in the range?

Elisa: The [meso]epigen system™ is a patented anti-ageing complex with proven epigenetic efficacy, consisting of shikimic acid that helps preserve youthful-looking skin, maslinic acid that provides hydration, visible firmness and redensification, and isoquercetin with powerful antioxidant action.

PC: The range features three product lines—brightening, firming, and anti-wrinkle—how do people go about designing a skincare regime from these?

Elisa: Combining the different age element lines is in fact recommended, as the manifestations of ageing appear independently. We may experience a loss of luminosity and, at the same time, be concerned about the incipient expression lines that appear in the eye contour.

At mesoestetic, we therefore recommend combining the different lines to adjust the treatment to the different needs of each patient, making it 100% personalised. For example, we have a client who has many expression lines in the periocular contour, but also has a loss of definition in the facial contour and a dull, lacklustre tone. A possible treatment for this client could be to use the firming concentrate and firming cream to help treat the appearance of sagging skin, and the anti-wrinkle eye contour for the eye area. To visibly enhance radiance, a few drops of brightening concentrate could be mixed with the firming concentrate to achieve a brightening and firming effect.

PC: Is there a core hero product in the range?

Elisa: A product that everyone loves is the brightening concentrate, which can be combined with any of the other indications and helps to revitalise the skin’s appearance, promoting a visibly brighter and more even-looking skin tone. The firming cream and the anti-wrinkle night cream are also very popular due to their effectiveness and sensoriality.