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The top skincare ingredients and trends of 2022

The top skincare ingredients and trends of 2022

Europe’s number one online beauty retailer, LOOKFANTASTIC, has revealed the top searched skincare ingredients of 2022.

With a portfolio of over 660 premium brands onsite, and revenue share growing 40 percent year on year over the last four years, the online retailer is one of the most successful beauty websites globally. 

LOOKFANTASTIC’s latest Beauty Trends Report used internal data and research to distinguish what ingredients were most in-demand amongst consumers.

Ranking as the most searched for skincare ingredient for 2022 is salicylic acid, with 60,500 searches on average per month. “Salicylic acid penetrates deep into pores to clear, unclog and reduce sebum secretion, making it a great product for oily or acne prone skin,” says Aruj Javid, pharmacist at LOOKFANTASTIC. The hashtag #salicylicacid gained a huge 298.4 million views on TikTok, proving the pore unclogging ingredient’s popularity.

Coming in as the second most searched for ingredient is collagen. The hashtag #collagen has gained a massive 1.5 billion views on TikTok. Not just limited to topical products, popularity of collagen as a supplement also surged this year.

Ranking at third place for the most popular skincare ingredient of 2022 is retinol. According to the retailer, while it’s long been massively popular it soared even further this year.

Coming in at fourth place is hyaluronic acid, with the moisturising ingredient generating 49,500 searches on average per month and the hashtag #hyaluronicacid receiving 591.8 million views on TikTok.

At fifth place was vitamin C with 49,500 searches on average per month.

Niacinamide, azelaic acid, witch hazel, glycolic acid, and rosehip oil rounded out the top 10 most searched ingredients.

As for skincare trends, research showed that bodycare was the most popular skincare trend of 2022. The company saw a spike in consumers seeking out ingredients traditionally found in facial skincare for their bodycare routine. This is further reflected in brands like, Tronque, a New Zealand bodycare brand, who are rapidly expanding in the US.

The second biggest skincare trend of 2022 was dermaplaning facial – a technique that uses a small razor-like tool to scrape away dead skin and hair, revealing a smooth and glossy surface.

Gua Sha was the third most popular skincare trend. Gua Sha is a tool that helps you sculpt and contour your face and pharmacist Aruj Javid, says Gua Sha’s can also be used for lymphatic drainage. Beauty clinics and spas are increasingly stocking these facial tools to complement their clients’ at-home skincare routines.

In fourth place was lip scrub followed by pimple patches. Sheet masks, lip oil, face taping and face rolling rounded out the top 10 most popular skincare trends.

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