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Trending: The new skin treatments on our radar right now

Trending: The new skin treatments on our radar right now

One of the overarching trends to come out of the pandemic was an increased interest in skin health. Consumer interest shifted from cosmetics to hardworking actives and treatments to rejuvenate their skin at a deeper level.

Clients are no longer looking for quick-fix treatments; they’re seeking out long-term bespoke programmes, akin to a training programme for the body. The last few years has driven demand for skincare both inside and outside of the treatment room, including pre- and post-treatment care, specialist consultations and tailored at-home routines for long-term results.

From pigmentation to wrinkles, scarring to congestion, a new generation of super skin machines has come to the fore, combined with more established technology and treatments.

Below, we round-up five treatments currently trending in New Zealand…


An innovative skin rejuvenation treatment, Triderma combines the power of three unique non-surgical procedures into one complete treatment. Utilising three applicators, featuring three unique technologies (IPL, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Nano-Frac Skin Resurfacing), the minimally-invasive solution simultaneously enhances skin tone, tightness, and texture. The ideal candidate is anyone who shows signs of skin damage, including deep wrinkles, loss of elasticity, sagging, visible pores, and scars. It is also suited for those with uneven skin tone or visible capillaries.

Triderma is available at Clinic 42 in Epsom, Auckland.

Pro Calm  

Pro Calm, a brand new barrier-nourishing treatment is now available at Skintopia. The treatment leverages soothing botanical actives, lymphatic drainage techniques, and pressure point massaging to calm signs of stress in the skin. Targeting skin sensitivity, one of the most common skin concerns post-Covid, the treatment works in three phases to visibly calm skin and reduce redness, revealing a softer, more balanced and hydrated complexion. Pro Calm can be bolstered further with add-ons like LED light therapy.

ProCalm is now available at Skintopia clinics in Auckland and Wellington.

Lutronic Infini

Fresh off the water, the Lutronic Infini is now available in New Zealand. The Lutronic Infini is a high intensity solution targeted at ageing or sagging skin with pigmentation, wrinkles and laxity, as well as scarring and general rejuvenation. Complete control over treatment depth and energy levels enables a multi-layered targeted approach for truly customised treatments, regardless of patient’s skin type or colour. Infini’s proven and impressive technology delivers enhanced wrinkle reduction through three-dimensional energy delivery to volumise tissue. High intensity focused radio frequency via insulated gold-coated microneedles creates precise and controllable fractionated coagulation zones within a specific layer of dermis. Adjustable depth control allows for customised and reproducible treatments of delicate areas. “It’s fantastic for reducing acne scarring and stretch marks, lines and wrinkles, and skin sagging, especially on the neck,” says Melissa Gladding, founder of FaceTime. “It can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.” The clinic combines the Infini with a Lutronic Healite LED treatment and a recovery biocellulose mask for supercharged results.

Lutronic Infini is available exclusively at FaceTime in Milford and Mairangi Bay, Auckland.


Everyone is looking for the ticket to a smooth, bright, and healthy-looking complexion – that’s nothing ground-breaking. But, the shortcut to that is. A firm favourite, that remains one of Caci’s most sought-after treatments, is their signature hydradermabrasion. Carried out in as little as 30 minutes, it deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and stimulates the skin through a variety of modalities. It involves exfoliation using a diamond tip, suction to clear out pores and remove dead skin cells, and electroporation. Electroporation gently pulses electric currents through the skin to deeply penetrate Caci’s Skinsmiths detox solution, increasing absorption of skin boosting ingredients. The results include a visibly clearer and calmer complexion, increased hydration, and boosted cell turnover. One of the key drawcards of the non-invasive, in-and-out treatment is the results are noticeable immediately.

Hydradermabrasion is available at Caci nationwide.