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Tried & Tested: The iS Clinical Fire & Ice ‘Red Carpet Facial’

Tried & Tested: The iS Clinical Fire & Ice ‘Red Carpet Facial’

The medical aesthetics marketing is booming, with demand for ‘tweakments’ like EMFACE and Profhilo higher than ever. Typically, these types of treatments are recommended as a course for best results, which does involve more of a financial and time commitment. So, for those looking for instant results, facials remain the holy grail of quick fixes.

Not all facials are created equal though. There are gentle options geared towards relaxation and more intensive results-focused ones. The latter often bundles a couple of powerful modalities into the treatment, like a peel and LED, for supercharged results. Among these is the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial. While relatively new to New Zealand, it’s been one of Hollywood’s most sought-after treatments for over a decade.

ProCollective was lucky enough to be one of the first to try the treatment, colloquially known as the ‘red carpet facial’, at Saint Beauty in Auckland (the skin and beauty salon that opened last year to rave reviews.)

Below, read everything you need to know about the trending treatment and our honest verdict.

The treatment: iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

Brands used: iS Clinical

Where: Available at Saint Beauty in St Heliers, Auckland

The benefits

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes cellular renewal
  • Refines and rejuvenates skin texture
  • Helps unclog pores and diminish blemishes
  • Promotes circulation and an overall glow

The lowdown                

Designed to rapidly and safely resurface skin, the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial bridges the gap between a facial and a peel. As the name hints, it involves a combination of warming and cooling sensations, which work in tandem to deliver a lit-from-within, healthy glow.

Following a thorough cleanse, the ‘fire’ phase of the treatment commences. The Intensive Resurfacing Masque, which is more of a light superficial peel, is applied to the skin. Featuring niacinamide, the masque works to boost microcirculation, which is indicated by the temporary flushing of skin. Here is where you’ll experience a warm tingly sensation, thanks to the glycolic acid, which breaks down the top layer of dead skin cells. After about three minutes, the masque is removed with a neutralising cleanser in preparation for the ‘ice’ phase of the facial. But before moving into that, Saint Beauty integrates the best intermission, LED light therapy, to further stimulate cellular activity, promote collagen production, and improve overall skin health. While the LED does its thing, the skin therapist at Saint Beauty gets hand-on, relieving tension in the neck and shoulders with a massage.

For stage two, to instantly calm the skin and counteract the heat, a soothing Rejuvenating Masque is gently massaged in with cooling ice globes. Rich in aloe and green tea extracts, alongside hydrating hyaluronic acid, the masque seals in moisture and feels ultra-soothing.

See the treatment in action at Saint Beauty below:

The verdict

“It was the best facial I’ve ever had – my skin hasn’t looked this good in years!” said ProCollective’s reviewer. The first thing she noticed was an immediate sheen to the skin, which is still glowing strong one week later. In the days following, she also noted a “plumper, smoother appearance,” and her skin felt less dry.

As her skin is on the more sensitive side, she was prepared to feel the effects of the heating glycolic peel more than the average person. However, she found it “surprisingly more than tolerable” and any tingle sensation was quickly offset by the shoulder massage – the kind, she said, was so good it was a struggle to stay awake.

Best suited to: Saint Beauty recommends the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial for all skin types (excluding sensitive) ahead of an event for an instant glow. For those with sensitive skin, this can be discussed during the consultation prior.

Preparation involved: None! Although avoiding harsh exfoliants, potent actives, and waxing a few days prior is advised.

Downtime: Zero – you can even reapply make-up immediately after if needed.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $250


Images: iS Clinical