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We tried EMFACE, the revolutionary needle-free treatment for a lifted, more youthful appearance

We tried EMFACE, the revolutionary needle-free treatment for a lifted, more youthful appearance

Earlier this year, ProCollective reported that EMFACE is now available in New Zealand. While the needleless device has been around globally for some time, the technology—and awareness around its benefits—is still very much new to our market.

ProCollective was lucky enough to be one of the first to try the new treatment. In order to see the best results possible, four treatments were performed over the course of two months, at least seven days apart.

Below, read our honest verdict, alongside the before and after photos.

The treatment: EMFACE

Where: Available at The Face Place Takapuna

The benefits

  • Reduction in wrinkles
  • Increase in muscle tone
  • Natural lifting affect
  • Increase in collagen and elastin
  • Improved skin texture

The lowdown

“Pilates for the face” is how Dr Cat Stone, founder of The Face Place, describes EMFACE in a few words.

The non-invasive treatment simultaneously emits HIFES and RF energies through three specialised pads, which are applied to the cheeks and forehead, covering the lifting muscles of the face (the ones that weaken and cause sagging of the face as we age).

The pulses of HIFES run in sequence through the forehead, then cheeks, then cheeks and forehead. Then, the muscles start to contract, causing an involuntary smile/grimace of the cheeks and lifting of the brow with each sequence. The clinician gradually raises the energy to what is tolerable to manage. Each sequence of HIFES produces supra-maximal contractions (SMC’s) of the stimulated muscles. The SMC’s stimulate 90-100 percent contraction of the targets muscles, achieving around 250 contractions per second. This stimulates the release of factors in the muscle that help it regenerate, strengthen and build tone. 

Tangible results are felt immediately after the first treatment while visible results are usually reported in four to six weeks after the last session, continuing to improve for several weeks following.

The verdict

Straight after my first session I saw and felt results. My skin was super dewy hours after the treatment – a few people even commented on my glowing skin. My facial muscles also felt slightly tighter. The final results are measured 12 weeks from your final treatment, although I definitely saw results before then. I think the most noticeable difference is in my lower face. I regularly get Botox (full disclosure: I did between the before and after pictures) but I don’t think this delivered the results around my jawline, jowls and cheekbones. A friend asked if I’d had filler as well as Botox, which I attribute to EMFACE’s lifting effect on the upper part of my face, which I’m very happy about! It’s a great non-invasive treatment that targets the signs of aging.

Before & after four EMFACE treatments

Before & after four EMFACE treatments

Before & after four EMFACE treatments

Best suited to: “Almost anybody can have EMFACE. Men and women of all ages can find it helpful,” says Dr Cat. “The best age group is the 35-55 age group, who are noticing the early sag creating flattening of the cheeks, early jowls, heavier – tired looking – brows, deepening of the nasolabial folds and/or loss of definition of the jawline. Those in their 20-30’s like it for improving the shape and contour of the cheeks and jawline, and also for prevention. It’s an ideal treatment for anyone scared of needles, fillers or looking overdone, as it is non-invasive and easy, and it’s just stimulating your own muscles, so it gives very natural looking results. It also works really well alongside other cosmetic treatments.”

Preparation involved: None. Prior to the treatment, the therapist cleanses your face of all makeup and uses an alcohol swab to clean the skin where the pads are placed.

Downtime: Absolutely none! You can go straight back to work and apply makeup. It’s the perfect lunchtime treatment.

Pain: The treatment wasn’t painful. It starts with a warming sensation across the cheeks and temple area – apparently some people fall asleep during it due to the heat and massage sensation. I did experience some teeth sensitivity, which is most likely due to grinding and wearing away my enamel, so I couldn’t go up to the highest level. However, it was still very bearable!

Duration: 20 minutes for full face (excluding skin preparation)

EMFACE course of 4: $4,995.00 inc. GST
EMFACE Course of 6 $6,995.00 inc. GST

For more information head to thefaceplace.co.nz/emface/