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Why you should consider adding brow services to your treatment menu

Why you should consider adding brow services to your treatment menu

With the busiest time of the year nearing the end (*sigh of relief*), hair and beauty salons will soon be turning their heads to alternative ways to increase revenue, particularly during quieter periods. One of those ways, increasing in popularity, is the addition of brow services as part of business’ beauty offerings.

A professional, well-constructed brow will frame your client’s face, open and lift the eyes, and define and balance features, making brow services an attractive treatment option.

The benefits

  1. The initial outlay to set up a brow station or brow bar is small yet it can greatly increase your revenue.
  2. Not only will it increase revenue from the service itself but it can also encourage retail purchases that complement brow treatments or even hair and skin products.
  3. It can attract an entirely new clientele and in turn consideration of your other services.
  4. Brow services do not need a lot of space, so it won’t necessarily need to take up any extra room.

Key considerations

  • A comprehensive consultation (i.e. talk through your client’s wants, face framing etc.)
  • Tinting services with understanding of custom colour blending are essential
  • Offering multiple options like waxing, threading, tweezing and lamination services
  • Brow make-up application and products to retail 

During the consultation

  • Ensure all clients have been patch tested to reduce risk of allergies
  • Confirm the client is not using retinol or vitamin A as this can cause skin peeling
  • You need to look at face shape, size of eyes and how the eyes are set 
  • Skin types and skin tones
  • Will they be changing their hair colour? Do they want to create brows to match? Will you need to bleach?
  • What is the client already doing to their brows? What old habits do they have? 

Ready to take it to market?

Brow services can be easily promoted by posters positioned at the front of the salon and leaflets on the counter. Social media and your website should be where you showcase before and after photos, client testimonials, and of course your treatment menu.