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Beauty tips for the summer roadie

Beauty tips for the summer roadie

Late summer usually offers the hottest, sunniest days in New Zealand, with many of us taking advantage of the long weekends, heading to beaches and baches across the country! While an extended weekend away can be wonderful, it can also bring on unwanted stress to both the body and the mind. The sun’s heat, dehydration, indulgent foods and lazy days can keep us out of a healthy routine, pair with a fully loaded car and extended travel times and you may find you’re not at all rested when arriving home.

Tonic Room’s Heidi Billington shares her top tips to keep you happy throughout your holiday and return home refreshed and revitalised.

Keep skincare as simple as possible whilst travelling. Smaller travel size kits make the perfect travel companion and don’t take up much space in your bag.

Be sure to use a facial mist during the hot summer days. Use before moisturising to lock in hydration. The MV Rose Hydrating Mist 70ml $59.00 is refreshing, hydrating, relaxing and a travel beauty must have.You can also pop your face mist in the fridge or chilly bin for a cool burst on the skin.

Find a good facial oil to use on parched summer skin at night. The flower of the rose has the highest vibrational energy and is loved by many. The Clemency Alice Rosa Camelia Face oil ($155.00) contains the absolute best blend of Moroccan, Bulgarian and Egyptian rose made into one perfect 15ml bottle. Divine for the skin and senses.

Keep well hydrated on the road. Hydration aids to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, delivers nutrients around the body and helps to flush out unwanted toxins. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition, and your mood! Water can sometimes be a little dull so we like to brew up our Tonic Room Skin Tea overnight and add to our drink bottles with a few ice cubes in the morning. Cleansing and refreshing at the same time! Never underestimate the power of our blends using dried organic herbs.

Look after your digestive health. Most of us know that good skin comes from good gut health and travelling can certainly cause disruption. Find a good probiotic and take it every day. The Beauty Chef range makes taking probiotics easy and tastes delicious. Our favourite at Tonic Room this time of year is the Hydration Boost, added to some sparkling water with a handful of frozen berries thrown in. And if your bowels are sluggish be sure to take magnesium with you. Magnesium Citrate is great for loosening up the bowels and has the benefits of relaxing the body. We recommend Thorne Magnesium Citrate.

Make yourself a priority. With the start of the new year, take advantage of the long weekends, sitting down with a journal and pen. Make some plans for the year, what changes can you set in motion in order to prioritise time for yourself? Do you need to eat better, sleep better or breathe deeper? Make a plan and reach out to those who can help you make these changes, from either within your own family/friends or professionals.

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