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Candela opens first New Zealand training and education centre

Candela opens first New Zealand training and education centre

In an exciting development for the local beauty industry, leading medical laser technologies provider, Candela, has officially opened its first New Zealand training and education centre. Located centrally in heart of Auckland’s Newmarket shopping district, the dedicated facility will serve as an education and training centre for Candela devices, in addition to providing Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training.

Catering to both new and existing customers, the space will facilitate a better understanding of the technology by allowing clients to witness the devices in action.

“Customers will be able to see and engage with the devices firsthand. This means they’ll get a feel for the technology and be able to see it in action and experience it directly,” says Bronwyn, New Zealand Clinical Educator. 

Candela’s commitment to education and training is a key factor in setting the standard for laser technology. “Whilst other device companies build offices and showrooms to support sales, Candela creates learning and development centres to support education for existing customers,” says Cindy, New Zealand Business Development Manager. What’s more, clinics can also use the office for staff training, rather than having to rearrange patient appointments or block out machines in their own facilities. This approach has resulted in thousands of trained therapists, and the new Auckland office will continue to support the education and development of professionals in the laser technology field.

Candela’s customers in New Zealand can also expect a range of educational events and workshops throughout the year, including Key Opinion Leaders, and Discovery Morning Teas for businesses looking to invest in energy-based devices.