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I tried the “Fire and Ice Facial” – here’s my (not so) burning, honest review

I tried the “Fire and Ice Facial” – here’s my (not so) burning, honest review

It’s the red carpet facial making waves among A-listers, which counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, and Jessica Alba as converts, among others. In exciting news, esteemed Auckland skin clinic, FaceTime, has launched the DMK Full Spectrum Enzyme Facial, inspired by the same modalities as the coveted Hollywood treatment.

ProCollective was lucky enough to be one of the first to try the new treatment. Below, we give you the first look at what to expect, plus our honest verdict…

The treatment: DMK Full Spectrum Enzyme Facial

Brands used: DMK

Where: Available at FaceTime Skin Clinic Mairangi Bay and Milford

The benefits

  • Reduces dullness and brightens
  • Tightens and firms
  • Plumps up fine lines
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Removes dead skin cells and promotes cellular renewal
  • Restores skin’s natural microbiome
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts hydration

The lowdown                 

“Spicy and icy exfoliation with intense skin nutrition, brightening and tightening benefits,” is how FaceTime co-founder, Mel Gladding, explains the new treatment in a nutshell. Intrigued? We were too. Combining two powerful peels, DMK’s Signature Enzyme Therapy Mask and a transepidermal infusion, this isn’t your standard run-of-the-mill facial.

The treatment begins with a cleanse designed to support your skin’s natural microbiome and prepare it for the coming steps.

Following this, the “fire and ice” part of the facial commences. This phase is designed to revive the skin and deliver a full spectrum exfoliation, removing dead and dull cells to reveal the fresh and healthy cells beneath. This is achieved using FaceTime’s cult Quick Peel and the new DMK Cryo Peel.

From the name, one might assume it sounds scary and painful – and fairly so. But fear not, there’s no burn involved. The ‘fire’ part is the cassia in the peel doing its thing, which Melissa likens to a “Christmas spice”. It’s effective for flushing out stagnant blood in vessels that contributes to dark circles and dullness, while encouraging fresh blood flow and feeding the skin from within. The Quick Peel is also supercharged with lactic acid to plump up dehydration lines and deliver a burst of moisture.

A full glandular cleanse is then performed with DMK Sebum Soak and steamy hot towels. A detoxifying swipe of Epitoxyl turns surface skin toxins into a vaporous gas. Together, this deeply cleanses and clear the skin’s pathways.

Now for the “ice” or “fun” part as Melissa more alluringly puts it: the CryoPro X. Dead cells freeze, fracture, and fall away when exposed to the active AHA blend of polylactic and glycolic in cold temperatures. The CryoPro X gel is applied to the skin for a few minutes, then the cool factor is ramped up by placing specialised ice packs over the peel for a further 10 minutes. This process removes the top layer of dead skin cells while protecting the healthy living cells beneath, maintaining the balance of your skin’s natural microbiome. After removal, the skin is firmer, tighter, brighter and glossier.

Next, the DMK Signature Enzyme Therapy Mask is whipped up and painted on the face, neck and décolletage. This mask has a cult following, best known for its pulsing, ‘heartbeat-like’ sensation. For the unacquainted, the specific application targets the lymphatic system for detoxification, intense oxygenation, and nutrition delivery to the cells. The result is improved appearance, health and functioning. The mask works its magic over a 45-minute period, where you’ll feel it progressively tighten, accelerating collagen production. It’s then melted using a cleansing brush and hot steamy towels.

Rest assured, while I look positively frightening, it doesn’t feel that way.

To conclude, the Full Spectrum Facial is finished off with a DMK transdermal infusion where a personalised selection of up to 10 products is layered onto the skin. These are trandermally infused using delivery systems, allowing the products to bypass and penetrate skin at a cellular level, despite all the layers of product.

The verdict

Instant glow-getter! Not only was it a sensorial experience in itself, it also delivered instant results…great for those who are impatient (me). My skin is relatively unproblematic, aside from the odd hormonal breakout. However, at the time I had some stubborn perioral dermatitis and a very irritated breakout on my cheek, most likely triggered by too much indulgence over summer. While these didn’t clear up due to the treatment, they definitely looked a lot less inflamed immediately after and then on. I walked away with skin that looked and felt energised and refreshed. Worth it? While it’s certainly on the pricier end of facials, the price tag will burn less (pun intended) knowing the results aren’t just surface level.

Best suited to: Every skin condition can benefit from this peel even inflamed acne and rosacea, according to Melissa. It’s especially ideal prior to a special event as the refreshed and glowy results are instant. However, in line with the philosophy of DMK—to restore skin at a cellular level—a series of three is best for optimum results. “The more you have the more your skin will continue to improve,” she says.

Preparation involved: None! Although, Melissa adds: “healthy, functioning skin will best respond to any treatment. Hydration is the baseline for a great response but daily use of serums—like vitamin A and vitamin C, or anything that focuses on barrier function—are even more ideal.”

Downtime: None

Pain: Be prepared to feel a ‘chilli pepper’ heat – don’t worry though, it’s more like a cinnamon spice than “get this off ASAP” vibe. It’s also quick, only lasting about three minutes. The cooling step that follows immediately offsets this too.

Duration: 1hr 45mins

Price: $350


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