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Eyebrow vs eyelash serum – is there really a difference?

Eyebrow vs eyelash serum – is there really a difference?

Brows are in – and they have been for some time, although the trends are loosely evolving. For 2023, the look is all about effortlessness. Think textured, fluffy, and undone, with little to no product used. So, how to achieve a lower maintenance and less groomed looking brow? Enter eyebrow serum.  


The causes of thinning brows

Thin, sparse brows can be caused by a myriad of factors. They may be the result of genetics, skin conditions, hormone changes or overplucking (we’ve all been there!), or if they’re getting increasingly scant, it may just be an unfair flow-on effect of ageing. Unfortunately, almost everyone will notice their eyebrows undergo a decrease in density or fullness, a reduction in the number of hairs, and thickening of hairs with age.

Eyelash vs eyebrow serums – what’s the difference?

By now, we’re all well versed in lash serums and their pretty incredible capabilities. You’d be forgiven for thinking, ‘why can’t I just apply my lash serum to my brow?’ – well you can but the results won’t be as good as a specially formulated brow serum. Take RevitaLash Cosmetics RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner for example. The brow formula differs from the lash serum, much like the hair textures of your lashes and brows differ.

The physician-formulated brow serum conditions and improves the appearance of lacklustre eyebrows. RevitaBrow Advanced was developed in addition to the iconic RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner as it became clear that brows have unique needs compared to lashes. Currently, RevitaLash Cosmetics is the only lash and brow conditioner brand available in New Zealand, which offers a different formulation for the brow conditioner compared to the lash conditioner.

The breakthrough, physician-developed, award-winning serum features proprietary, scientifically advanced technology known as BioPeptin Complex. This includes peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract rich in panthenol, to condition and strengthen brows and protect against breakage while improving flexibility and shine. While RevitaLash also features the technology, it contains a less concentrated amount, so it’s safe to use around the delicate eye area whilst still being effective. 

In addition to the above, the applicator is specially designed for brow use. Using the unique eyebrow applicator, RevitaBrow Advanced should be applied once a day to a clean and dry eyebrows. Using several short strokes, apply the conditioning serum to each eyebrow. Then, let dry completely before applying additional beauty products.

To learn more head to revitalash.co.nz

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