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In conversation with Kao Salon Global Experience 2023 NZ Gold Winner Luca Murray Lauko

In conversation with Kao Salon Global Experience 2023 NZ Gold Winner Luca Murray Lauko

Late last month, Kao Salon Division presented the eagerly awaited Kao Salon Global Experience 2023 – a celebration of creativity, innovation and inspiration. Hosted in Chicago on the 24th and 25th of September, the two-day extravaganza welcomed more than 2000 stylists from around the globe for an unforgettable showcase of presentations, artist performances, and a live competition. Attendees also enjoyed a display of the latest trends, techniques, and products that have become synonymous with the Kao Salon family.

Some of the many highlights of the event include the Global Creative Awards, which NZ Gold Winner Luca Murray Lauko (Vivo Hair Salon), attended on behalf of New Zealand.

Ahead, ProCollective caught up with Luca to learn more about his experience at the Global Creative Awards.

ProCollective (PC): What was involved in the Global Creative Awards’ entry submission process?

Luca: The entry submission process for the Global Creative Awards 2023 was quite comprehensive. It included providing detailed information about the project or creative work I was submitting, such as its concept idea, execution, colour formulas, and impact. Additionally, there were specific guidelines and criteria that needed to be met, including submission deadlines and any required supporting materials such as sketches and pictures.

PC: What was the inspiration behind your look?

Luca: The inspiration behind the look varied depending on the specific project or category I was entering. Generally, it involved a combination of research, creative brainstorming, and a deep understanding of the current trends and aesthetics in the hair industry. I aimed to create looks that were not only visually striking but also conveyed a story or message that resonated with the audience. My vision was colour droplets in the water and hight reflection of colours. Very soft, not blocks of colours.

Luca Murray Lauko’s Global Creative Awards entry

PC: Tell us about your Global Creative Awards experience…

Luca: Participating in the Global Creative Awards was a truly enriching experience. The highlights included the opportunity to connect with professionals and artists from around the world in hair, like Angelo Seminara for example. I learned from their perspectives and experiences. The judging process was rigorous and fair, which added to the prestige of the competition. To be part of the Australia and New Zealand team was undoubtedly a personal highlight, as it recognised the hard work and dedication that went into my creative work.

PC: What are your favourite products right now?

Luca: I would have to include KERASILK Multi-Purpose Hairspray, I am in love with this hair spray. Something for my curly girls KERASILK Curl Balm and for a healthy scalp I just love KERASILK Exfoliating Scalp Pre Wash, as it’s consistently delivered exceptional results and become essential in my daily hair salon routine. These products have not only helped me achieve the desired looks but also maintain the health and vitality of my clients hair.