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What colour does your salon use? Here’s why you should consider the Cramer Color System

What colour does your salon use? Here’s why you should consider the Cramer Color System

One of the key decisions for salon owners is what brands they align with. While quality is the top priority, there’s so much more to consider, from shade versatility to ease of application, and beyond. Ahead, we introduce you to Cramer Color System by Kemon – an integrated colour collection that goes beyond the basics.

The lowdown

With a rich history, stemming back to 1965, Cramer Color has built a reputation for being one of the industry’s most reliable hair colour partners. Drawing on Kemon’s experience, working exclusively in the professional hairstyling sector, Cramer Colour was developed to cater to the diverse colour service needs of hairdressers.  

Cramer Colour System’s combination of exclusive Shield technology and coconut oil, enables colourists to achieve the full potential of each shade. Breathing life into each highlight and personalising each colour, hairdressers can rest assured the result will always be impeccably unique.

Innovative Shield Technology

As every hairdresser will know, colour is a chemistry, where the foundation is a process called oxidation. Too much oxidation can affect the end shade, causing it to fade or discolour.  The Cramer Colour System features an innovative Shield technology, which acts by way of special shielding intermediates contained in the colouring cream. These prevent the colour intermediates from oxidising prematurely.

The (not so) secret ingredient

Any kind of colouring is going to inflict some damage on the hair, even more so if the hair isn’t virgin and has a history of colouring. The addition of coconut oil in Cramer Colour System helps to reduce this damage. Packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, coconut oil is deeply nourishing, boosting hydration and restoring moisture that’s stripped away in the colouring process. The multi-tasking oil was also chosen for its fluidity and creamy texture, which makes for easy mixing, application and maximum coverage.

The Velian Complex

Another key point of difference of the Cramer Color System is its patented blend of plant extracts called Velian Complex. A result of extensive scientific research conducted in collaboration with Vivacell Biotechnology (Denzlingen, Germany) and the University of Ferrara, the blend boasts anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Extracts of Mullein, Helichrysum, Flax and Dyer’s Chamomile, produced using plants grown by Kemon, work in synergy to deliver greater benefits than when used singularly.

Cramer Color Tone-on-Tone – No ammonia

Ammonia-free hair colour is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for hairdressers and clients alike. Why? Not only is it less damaging, it’s gentler on the scalp, which is perfect for those with sensitivity. The other main criticism about ammonia-based hair dyes is the strong smell. Cramer Color Tone-on-Tone is an ammonia-free formula, so it doesn’t have that chemical smell, enhancing your client’s experience in the chair. Double win.

For a comfortable and gentle service that is respectful of the hair structure without compromising on finish, Cramer Color System is the ideal colour solution.

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