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Share a little ‘Joi’ with your tresses this festive season

Share a little ‘Joi’ with your tresses this festive season

While most Christmas gift guides will encourage you to think outside the box, sometimes it’s what’s inside the box that really counts.

As we approach summer, our focus shifts to hair health and targeted products that help to combat the harsh elements. Sure, there’s lots to love about warm weather but sun, heat, humidity, and chlorine, can wreak havoc on our hair. With this in mind, haircare gifts that prevent potential damage and breakage will always be a fail-safe gift under the tree.

Joico’s 2023 Christmas collection is as diverse as the individuals on your gift list. Catering to a wide range of hair types and concerns—from dryness to brassiness—all bases are covered. Our pick is the K-PAK Gift Bag, dressed in a pretty in pink candy cane stripe, with all the summer saviours zipped and ready to go on your summer roadie.

There are Duo (RRP $64.50), Trio (RRP $78.50-84.50), and Premium Gift Gag (RRP $114.50) options available across numerous popular variants of the brand. Whether you’re looking for that popular Joico Defy Damage gift bag set (complete with holiday travel minis!) or a great value offer on your sister’s three favourite Moisture Recovery products, this year has something special in store.

Joico’s limited-edition Duo, Trio and Gift Bag sets are available now.

To order, phone Sabre Haircare on 0800 456 426 or email sales@sabre-group.com.