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The best 2024 beauty launches of note (so far)

The best 2024 beauty launches of note (so far)

While we’re still early into the year, it’s already more than delivering on the beauty front. Whether you’re a salon owner or an avid beauty enthusiast (slash borderline hoarder), these are the launches we’ve deemed the most noteworthy of 2024 so far. All signs are hinting there’s no shortage of innovation to come.

Dermalogica Pro-Collagen Banking Serum

Today’s savvy beauty consumer knows that the key to maintaining healthy, radiant skin lies in collagen. With age, our bodies produce less collagen, which is further exasperated by external factors like pollution and UV rays. Cue the new innovation from Dermalogica, Pro-Collagen Banking Serum. As the name suggests, the serum helps to futureproof your skin by ‘banking’ its existing collagen. Impressive results include cheeks and jawline appearing firmer within seven days and 94 percent more efficacy in collagen preservation. We’re sold. | Learn more

ghd chronos

Cat’s out of the bag. Highly-anticipated since ProCollective was privy to a private unveiling late last year, chronos, ghd’s most advanced styler yet has finally landed.  The tool’s hero and breakthrough HD motion-responsive™ technology uses an intelligent algorithm to identify how the tool is being used for optimal heat and power delivery. This technology identifies the user’s styling motions and reacts by delivering the right amount of power into the plates to maintain the optimum temperature of 185°C with even higher precision. This greater heat consistency delivers superior straightening or curling in small or large sections | Learn more

Drunk Elephant Bora Barrier Repair Cream

It’s only just landed on shelf and already snagged a nomination in this year’s Cosmopolitan Clean Beauty Awards. Touted as a ‘targeted heavy hitter’, Drunk Elephant’s Bora Barrier Repair Cream is clinically proven to deliver 24-hour moisture to chronically dry skin or a compromised barrier. It does this through a combination glucosyl ceramides, beta-sitosterols, zinc and copper salt minerals, which encourage the natural synthesis of healthy collagen, vital lipids, and hyaluronic acid in skin, promoting elasticity, soothing skin, and supporting healthy barrier function | Learn more

ILIA The Base Face Milk

Consider this a drink for your skin. Powered by hyaluronic acid, ILIA’s new milky formula is the ideal hybrid for thirsty skin post-summer. A little bit essence, a little bit moisturiser, it’s lightweight and layerable so perfect for now with these fluctuating forecasts. Use it as your daily moisturiser, or double-up with a cream when your skin is feeling extra parched | Learn more

Shiseido Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Advanced Cream

Shiseido’s newest addition harnesses exclusive Japanese ingredients for a more lifted, radiant appearance. SafflowerRED, grown exclusively in Japan, helps firm skin and even tone, ginseng helps to strengthen the skin barrier and boost collagen production, and jujuba fruit extract improves elasticity. Added bonus: it’s refillable | Learn more


As the lines between beauty and wellness continue to blur, MECCA has their finger firmly on the pulse of the trends. This month the retailer will add multifunctional ingestibles brand, INTU WELLNESS, the brainchild of media personality Anna Robards and entrepreneur Christie Whitehill, to its line-up. Designed for our fast-paced, on-the-go modern lifestyle, the beauty and wellness range features scientifically proven products that make looking after your health and skin from the inside out more convenient, effective, and fun | Learn more

MOON Oral Beauty

Alongside INTU WELLNESS, a new, Kendall Jenner-endorsed vegan beauty venture will also make its debut at MECCA stores across Australia and New Zealand. Reimagining the mundane oral care experience, MOON Oral Beauty is a curated, vanity-worthy collection comprising eight products, from a sleek Electric Toothbrush to the hero Teeth Whitening Pen. Certified vegan, the range is formulated without parabens, phthalates, triclosan or sulphates | Learn more

Main image: INTU Wellness