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Tips for increasing retail sales in your hair salon or skin clinic

Tips for increasing retail sales in your hair salon or skin clinic

The cost of living for the average New Zealand household increased 7.7 percent in the 12 months to March 2023. As financial pressure mounts, many are re-evaluating their budgets and pinpointing areas that can be reduced, including those treasured—but costly—hairdresser appointments. In response, we’ve seen hair salons adapting their services, offering “recession-proof” hair to extend the length of time needed between salon appointments – a change New Zealanders have already made according to Q1 data.

If you’re a salon owner, now is a good time to revisit your marketing strategies, particularly the often-overlooked opportunity of retail.

Spas and salons are uniquely positioned to encourage retail sales by virtue of their credibility as experts in their field. According to Kitomba Salon & Spa Software, between 20-25 percent of hair and beauty salon visits include a retail purchase. That means 70-75 percent of the time clients are walking out the door without any product in hand.

To help you maximise your revenue potential, consider the below tips for boosting retail sales in your hair or beauty salon.

1. Pay attention to your client’s needs

As a service-based business, it is so important to note your client’s needs. More often than not, your clients will voice their needs to you, mention problems that they may be experiencing or discuss new things they have seen that they want your expert opinion on. Always make sure you and your staff are listening out for these opportunities, as they are easy ways to sell more retail.

2. Give clients a peek inside your own beauty routine

Take the opportunity when you are providing a service, such as a facial or shampooing a client’s hair, to talk about the products you are using. Don’t underestimate how much your clients rate what you use personally!

3. Tell clients what you’re using on them

Whether it’s a hair treatment or chemical peel, explain why you chose the specific product for them and the benefits it can provide. More often than not, after the service is done and the client sees how fabulous their skin or hair looks, they will want to purchase one of your products to maintain the results at home.

4. Sell service and retail packages

Not only does bundling your services and products into packages help increase your retail sales, but it’s a great way to offer more value to your clients. It’s also the perfect way to ensure your clients can maintain the hard work you’ve done between appointments, which will ultimately help them to be happier with the results.

5. Focus on holidays and special events

Having a strategy for retail when it comes to events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas is a great way to sell more. Offer beautifully presented gift packs or focus on selling products relevant to the occasion. 

Not only does this mean your products are getting gifted to other potential customers but your current customers are likely to stock up on their favourite products if they are in a gift pack. This introduces them to products that they may have not tried before that they fall in love with and buy again in the future.

6. Offer a discount on retail with the purchase of a service

This is an easy way to entice your clients into trying a new retail product they may love. For example, after giving your clients a facial, give them a 10 percent discount off the serum you used.

7. Gift with purchase

Everyone loves a gift. Gifts are a great alternative to a discount and by making sure you are covering the cost of the gift in the service price, it means that it does not cost the business a thing. Even if your client does not necessarily love the products, they are still more likely to come back and try a different product the next time they visit. However, if they do love the gifted product you can be sure they will come back and purchase a refill when they run out, resulting in more retail sales.

8. Give your clients samples

Alternatively, instead of providing a full-sized product, take a look at your suppliers and see which of their products they sell sample sizes of. This is a great way to keep the “free” gift cost low while still giving clients a taste of the product, which hopefully sees them coming back to purchase the product in full-size next time in the future.

9. Display retail close to where your clients pay

Clients are more likely to consider retail when they’re paying for their appointment, so make it easy by beautifully displaying products near the counter, the treatment room or the reception desk. If a client keeps looking at the retail products while you’re checking them out, take the opportunity to ask the client if they need anything.

11. Don’t be pushy!

No one likes a pushy salesman and clients can be put off if you try to sell them products without demonstrating the value through educating them first. It’s important to build a relationship and a foundation of trust with your clients; a client that has a relationship with you and therefore trusts your professional advice will be more willing to purchase the retail product you recommend.