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Beauty at a glance: The need-to-know news from May, 2023

Beauty at a glance: The need-to-know news from May, 2023

Life gets busy. Thankfully, clever new beauty products help to lighten the load just a little – and staying in the know is made easier, thanks to our monthly wrap-ups, with all your need-to-news curated in one place.

From the next big hair tool to our prediction for the new wave of mass skincare, stay informed with May’s beauty wrap-up below.

Dermalogica Oil to Foam Total Cleanser  

When the brand that arguably made the double cleanse mainstream, releases a new cleanser, one’s ears instantly perk up. The double cleansing phenomenon started—quite literally—with precleanse, the cult cleanser and first step in any Dermalogica treatment. It will always be a firm hero, but for those times when there’s little time, they’ve developed a multifunctional step one and two all-in-one. The new Oil to Foam Total Cleanser is a make-up remover and cleanser. With one wash it removes make-up, sunscreen, debris, excess sebum, and pollutants, while leaving skin instantly soft and smooth, without that ‘tight’ feeling afterwards. 

RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive Eyelash Conditioner

It’s now commonplace to see RevitaLash’s award-winning lash serum sitting atop your go-to hair salon or beauty clinic’s counter. The results are so addictive, its garnered a devout returning fan base – a no-brainer for stockists. However, a key deterrent for those yet converted (to any lash serum for that matter), is the risk of irritation. Thankfully, for those prone to sensitivity, RevitaLash have released a new lash-enhancing formula formulated specifically for them. The physician-developed Advanced Sensitive Eyelash Conditioner features unique encapsulated time-release technology designed to be gentle on the eyes. The same lush lashes, improved flexibility and curl, now with less irritation.

A chic, new supermarket beauty brand

We’re living in an age where the aesthetic of our moisturiser counts for just as much as its efficacy. Developed by leading New Zealand beauty distributor, The Beauty Collective, Formation is a thoughtful line-up of skincare, which comprises a Squalane Cream Cleanser, Ceramide Day Cream, Peptide Night Cream, and AHA Cream Exfoliant. In the competitive FMCG landscape, its premise is not novel: high-quality skincare, accessible to all. However, what stands out instantly is its packaging. It’s a far cry from Essano and Sukin, although it doesn’t seem to claim ‘natural’, signalling demand for active skincare in grocery. It fills a gap on New Zealand’s shelves for affordable products in the active realm, more like CeraVe but with bathroom vanity-worthy status. Formation is available exclusively at Countdown.

Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Oil outperforms 1% retinol

Continuing its success streak, last month, in an in vitro New Zealand study, independent biomedical laboratory Trinity Bioactives found Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Oil to outperform 1% Retinol and another leading brand*. The award-winning oil, which is formulated to achieve skin health results retinol is renowned for while using only naturally derived ingredients, was tested head-to-head with the synthetic topical ingredient retinol at a 1% concentration (0.3-0.5 is the industry standard % used in product formulations on the market) to validate which complex was most effective at increasing collagen stimulation at a cellular level while simultaneously decreasing the enzymes responsible for its degradation.

Independent biomedical in vitro test results:

  • Supernatural Face Oil is scientifically proven to have a 32% higher fibroblast proliferation (fibroblasts synthesis collagen) than 1% Retinol and another leading brand*
  • Scientifically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis at a cellular level*

* Independent in vitro testing by a biomedical laboratory, 2023

Mecca’s Beauty Election returns

In exciting news for beauty buffs, voting for Mecca’s Beauty Election officially opened this week. The Beauty Election gives New Zealanders and Australians the opportunity to vote for their favourite products across 20 categories, including skincare, makeup, haircare, body, and fragrance. Once winners are revealed, the highly influential awards will then help customers discern the best products, as vetted by their fellow beauty community.

Dyson reveals its next hair styling tool

The Airwrap was one of the biggest beauty gamechangers when it launched in 2018, going on to influence countless dupes. This month, Dyson revealed its newest hair tool – and it’s tipped to be equally defining. Airstrait, set to launch in New Zealand next year, will enable simultaneous drying and straightening of wet hair without frying strands, thanks to the same, high-pressure airflow that distributes hot air evenly.

Caci adds two treatments to its offering

It’s been all go for Caci this month who have launched a new treatment—the Laser Facial—with another on the way. Combining the technology of a chemical peel and thermal laser, the facial triggers increased skin cell turnover and skin healing to deliver a deep cleanse and exfoliation. With no downtime necessary, it gives skin an overall reset revealing smoother, firmer, and glowing skin. Profhilo® will also be available for Caci clients this week from 1st June.

Candela opens its doors in New Zealand

Leading global medical aesthetic device company, Candela, has officially opened its first New Zealand training and education centre. Located centrally in Auckland’s Newmarket, the dedicated facility will serve as an education and training centre for Candela devices, in addition to providing Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training. Clinics can also use the office for staff training, rather than having to rearrange patient appointments or block out machines in their own facilities.

The world’s first 100% plastic-free wet wipe is on its way

The ZERO Brand is an Australian-owned and operated company that stands for zero plastic and zero waste, producing plastic-free, compostable wipes, right down to the packaging. Available now, the first line includes a range of plastic-free wipes for makeup, baby, and kitchens. Georgina Carberry, the Co-Founder and head of the brand at The ZERO Store said, “Wipes are a massive environmental problem. Not everyone realises that all wet wipes on the market are either made from plastic or wrapped in plastic and it’s creating a massive problem for our landfills and oceans. We have a plastic-free dry wipe that has just launched, and the world’s only 100% plastic-free wet wipe coming next.” ZERO Makeup Wipes promise to remove makeup without a sticky residue and strip the skin of added moisture. We’re eagerly staying tuned for news on the wet wipe! ZERO is available online in New Zealand.

Main image: Dermalogica