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Year in review: These were 2023’s biggest beauty trends

Year in review: These were 2023’s biggest beauty trends

As we approach the new year, ProCollective takes a moment to reflect on 2023’s most popular trends across hair, skin, and makeup. By analysing search data and research from consumer trends agency Spate, we have compiled the most notable beauty moments that may have passed you by.


According to Spate, consumers prioritised holistic hair health and care. Top trends of 2023 — including scalp serums and hair bonding — show how consumers achieve healthy hair from follicle to shaft. This aligns with the ongoing ‘skinification’ trend of treating hair like skin. A new generation of anti-ageing haircare is also growing, with grey blending being a top hair trend this year. Brands can emphasise the importance of colour-specific care, offering products that enhance the shine of silver hair while preserving vibrancy for other hair colours like black, brown, blonde, and copper.


As for hairstyles, the side-parting made a strong comeback. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, and Hailey Bieber, embraced modern variations of this classic style. Whether it’s a tousled and slightly grungy look, a glamorous and voluminous style, or a sleek and polished finish, there are numerous ways to rock the side-part.

Layers and face-framing

Consumers sought voluminous and textured looks through layered cuts, curtain bangs, and bouncy blowouts. Hair experts predict that bounce and texture will continue to dominate in the coming year.

The travel hairdryer

The trusty travel hairdryer saw a significant 39.5% increase in year-over-year growth. With a renewed interest in travel, consumers are looking for portable hair styling tools, specifically travel hair dryers, to bring on the go. Market competition is fierce, with brands like Dyson and ghd leading in branded searches. Interestingly, Spate found consumers were not searching for a travel-sized version of the Dyson hair dryer, but rather a travel case for the full-sized model. This indicates that while compact size and light weight are essential, consumers are willing to make room in their bags for their favourite tools. Notably, there is also a demand for travel diffusers, emphasising the need for hair dryer brands to consider the portability of their attachments to meet consumer needs.


In 2023, consumer skincare trends highlighted a balanced emphasis on treatment and protection, said Spate in their 2023: Year in Review report. This sustained interest of 32.5% year-over-year growth, along with the rise of specialised treatments like EMFACE and Candela Matrix radiofrequency microneedling, demonstrates the ongoing commitment of consumers to skin.

Interest in at-home skincare devices has continued to increase since the beginning of the pandemic-era lockdowns. While consumer interest in these devices has fluctuated, red light therapy stands out with a significant 39.3% year-over-year growth. Consumers seek red light therapy for various concerns, including surface-level ageing issues and deep-rooted pains beneath the skin.


Although the makeup category may not have met all the predicted expectations, it is important to note that most declining year-over-year trends have still shown positive progress over the past few years, says Spate. Notably, the format of makeup products becomes crucial for consumers. Sticks and liquids emerged as the top choices in 2023, causing contour palettes and eyeliner stamps to fall short.

Meanwhile, the sustained interest in makeup for mature skin indicates that brands should focus on specialised techniques and products that gracefully emphasise ageing, rather than treating it as a problem.

Tubing mascara

Spate’s report revealed that tubing mascara became the hero makeup product of the year, experiencing a significant 40.5% year-over-year growth. Tubing mascara creates small tubes around each eyelash, giving the illusion of longer and fuller lashes. Consumers have shown increased love for this format due to its gentle nature, water-resistance, and ease of removal. This trend is highly competitive, with brands across the price spectrum capitalising on it, from Maybelline and MCo Beauty to Charlotte Tilbury, and Kevyn Aucoin. Spate highlighted the opportunity for education around tubing mascara, with many consumers still unsure about what it is. Retailer searches also highlight the importance of broad distribution for brands in this space. New and existing brands can innovate and educate to establish themselves as leaders in this growing market.

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